How to generate more traffic by high rank in SERPs

How to generate more traffic by high rank in SERPs

Search Engine Result Page

Search engine result Page (SERPs) is the major source to generate traffic for your site. More than 90% of visitors are from search result. So it is important to keep your post link top 10 in search engine. When we write something in search engine then it shows results with different sites link. But most of the visitors click from top 10 results and rest of them are ignored. So it is important to keep your link within top 10 link list on search engine. Search engine generally shows 2 types of search result.
  • Organic link
  • Paid link
However 80% clicks come from organic or natural links, as a result you have to emphasize on organic link listing on search engine. And you can do it simply by optimizing your blog and accurate optimization will make your blog search engine friendly.

If you want to reach your target audience then you have to use higher rank keywords for each and every content pages. So use keywords in Post title, content and images.

On the other hand, Paid link is not vital for longer time. Because it is not able to create returning visitor if your blog is not unique and interesting.

Gain Trust and reliability for SERPs

To get higher rank on SERPs your site must be gain trust and reliable from others. In this case link building strategy work best. More site giving you link back then your site will gain trust for search engine. Search engine loves to crawl highly trust able and reliable pages. But you have to focus on quality link building strategy. Back links from spam site will be penalized rather than obtaining trust. So more link from higher rank site you will get more trust and reliability from Search Engine which will help you to lift up your link in top 10.


Follow the terms and conditions of search engine

Google always love natural links so you have to focus on it and don’t like excessive keywords. If you rely on paid link which will able to make 100+ link in a day then your site will penalize by Google. So don’t try to achieve backlinks by the help of link seller.

So you have to follow the terms and conditions of the search engine to become search engine friendly. As well as build a site with good navigation facility with high quality and unique content. Be confident that you will able to generate more traffic.

If you can be best in your niche then your site link will be higher in Search Engine Result Page (SERPs) which help you to make loyal readers.  
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