How To Build A good layout To Engage Readers for Longer Time

How To Build A good layout To Engage Readers for longer time

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Newbie always haven’t got enough experience about the blogging and got only little or no knowledge about HTML and JavaScript which is heart of blog coding. As a result they may use poor designed blog with incorrect text size, font, color combination and layout. Some blogger design their blog relying only one browser compatibility. As a result, same blog can be seen differently in different browser. I would say if you use Firefox compatible blog then your blog will be different on Internet Explorer.

So I am sharing some tips that will help you to create good layout for your blog and what should be add for creating a good layout.

Blog Layout Background

It is truly proved that black or white background blog site is more preferable by visitors. White background easier for the human eye, which means that people are more likely to stay on the blog. On the other hand black can be used for making your blog eye-catching. Because most of the design can fit best on black.

Use Google fonts

You should use Google fonts that can be easily install from Google Font directory. But use 2 to 3 type font and no more than that. Use 1 font for Headings and another font is for body that’s it. Remember font plays a big role in keep engage your visitors with your blog. If you use small font then many readers can feel problem to read. So use standard font size, I prefer 12.

Attractive header with custom Logo

You blog header will be visible first to your visitors so you have to make your header attractive. Using custom logo will add an extra credibility to your blog. If you can’t make your desired logo then take help from a good graphics designer. You can also add little description below headers logo where visitors can get idea about your blog.

User friendly Navigation Menu and Page navigation

Use user friendly navigation where a visitors can easily can access in all section of your blog. Many visitors leave blog due to problematic navigation. So try to use attractive navigation menu as well as Page navigation thus a visitors can easily jump to any blog posts.

Use Social Subscription box with different social networks

Social subscription box and social networks always work like bridge between your blog and social sites. There are thousands of visitors are in social site which can be turn into your loyal readers. So using social networking widget visitors will easily aware about your blogging dimension. In this case you must use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and RSS which will give easy access for your readers. Give readers the option to choose how they want to follow your blog.

Eye-catching Footer Section

This is another important part of a good blog layout. You can easily set some important widget on footer section such as, Author Bio, Social Networking, Recent Comment widget etc. Use 3 or 4 column footer with attractive design. If your blog body is white color then footer should be in different color. There are many popular blog who are getting returning visitors only for attractive footer design.

I hope that above article will help your little bit to get some idea about good layout. And a beautiful blog with good layout must be able to engage your readers longer time in your blog. If you have any suggestion then kindly leave a comment below and Stay tuned for the next tip.

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Kevz Potazo says: 4/16/2013

Very useful tips buddy, I apply your tips in my future design templates,
Thanks, I bookmarked this


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