5 Methods to Generate more Revenue with Affiliate Ads in 2013

5 Methods to Generate more Revenue with Affiliate Ads in 2013

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Bloggers motivate by earning money through their blog. Affiliated ads are the first choice for blogger to earn money but most of the blog use can’t make money due to some simple error on monetize blog with ads. In order to increase your revenue you should follow some technique.

Method 1: Choosing the right format and size

In case of using any affiliate ads you have to choose right format and size of ads for your blog. Today we can see different size blog basis on wide (e.g. 980px, 1000px, 1150px, 1200px). So you have to choose right size of ads, suppose you are using 1200px wide template in this case you can choose 728px X 90px ads for top header and 300px X 600px for right sidebar which is best fit for widescreen template. It will help you to generate more revenue which is clearly visible attract the visitors.

Method 2: Stop Placing Excessive Ads

There are many blogger who use excessive ads to monetize their blog but it is very bad for your template. Because it will increase your template loading time as a result your blog will become slower and eventually people will lose interest to visit. So avoid using excessive ads which is not necessary to increase revenue. Using limited ads your visitors won’t feel irritate and your template loading time will decrease and more visitors will visit which may lead to more click.

Method 3: Do not interrupt the readers

Bloggers always interrupt or disturb their readers by using ads on blog post body. I got some site that they have placed more than 3/4 ads on post’s body. It is very bad for blogger because readers may feel negative impression about your blog and can leave your blog permanently. Make your blog posts without ads and use internal links wisely instead of ads which will increase your page visit. Instead of placing the ads inside the blog content of the post place them below post title and end of the posts. Which is known as golden place for Higher CRT.

 higher CRT

Method 4: Change the locations of ads regularly

If you have placed ads on same area for longer time then it is not possibility to get more click. Try to use ads on random place, change the ads location every month. This will create a positive impression among readers and they will think that your blog has been updated. Beside of this you can find out which area is better to get more click on ads that leads to higher revenue.

Method 5: Joining Ads Referral Program

Almost all affiliate ads network has referral program where you can earn 50% to 70% of profit from other blog by only referring them. This is a good way to make your earning double without any extra effort.

Finally I hope you can increase you revenue by applying above trick and remember this trick is proven by my which has increase my ads revenue. And be sensitive about using AdSense because using AdSense wrong and illegal way then your account may block or disable.  
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