4 Splendid SEO strategies to Make the Blog Google Panda Friendly

4 Splendid SEO strategies to Make the blog Google Panda friendly

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Google Panda

Google has introduced Panda algorithm to find out the lower quality site with poorer content and to penalize them. It was first introduced in February 2011. Since then it is updating periodically and affecting the lower quality content base website. Last Panda updated 22nd January 2013, as a result many website got penalties for the inferior quality content.

Blogger may think that Panda is bad for them but ultimately it is good for unique and quality website or blog. It rank down the lower quality site and provide higher rank to good quality website. So this is really bad news also for those who are just copying contents from others and posting on their own website. We know that search engine always judge a site on the basis of Quality content, Template loading speed, design and trustworthy site who got many quality back links. Google Panda is always with quality and against inferiority.

So those who are not aware about Google Panda algorithm then should study on it. Here I have find out some splendid SEO strategies to make your website or blog Google Panda friendly.

 1. Review your Published content

If you have already published some inferior content then you should review the content. And those who copied higher quality content from other website Panda is alarming too for that website or blog. So you have to remove all those content as soon as possible. You can easily find out quality content by many online tools and blog user can easily take help of Google analytic tools. You can see the analytic information such as, total page view of specific, bounce rate on specific content. And other way you can understand the content status by watching how many people are sharing your content and number of comments on particular content. 

Search Engine love all sort of error free content so you should write quality and error free content.
Quality content means beneficial, significant and attention-grabbing that can solve reader’s problem.

2. Avoid keyword staffing

The term Keyword staffing is to use too many keywords which carry higher density. This is a term of Google. Formerly Keywords was the best way for search engine optimization but after introduce of Google Panda algorithm using too much keywords is risky. So you have to use keyword moderately.
If you have adopt keyword staffing strategy then Panda will give you penalty in next update. So remove excessive keywords and use relevant and main keywords moderately.  

Google Panda Algorithm

3. Avoid Link farming

We can see many blog with huge back link but with lower Google page rank. Eventually most of the links are from lower quality and spam sites which is known as link farming. Search Engine always love a site with huge back links but too much unnatural links your blog would be penalize by next Panda update.

It is absolutely true that Google always give higher rank to those site who has good quality back links but the best way to make quality back links form different Do-follow social media site,  Forum writing and Guest posting.

4. Stop using Black Hat SEO techniques

Earlier Black Hat SEO technique (link farming, Doorway, hidden links and camouflage) was popular but after introducing Google Panda algorithm this technique has banned by most search engine. Obviously you have to stop adopting Black Hat SEO and instead of this you should adopt White Hat SEO techniques which lead to legitimate way traffic generating. White Hat SEO techniques are commenting on others blog, online marketing, and using social media.

Finally I should recommend you to follow this article to get rid from penalties due to Google Panda updates. You have to be aware from now, because sooner or letter your blog is going to affect by this. So follow the above strategies to make your blog Google Panda friendly. 

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