12 techniques to attract new visitors to your Blog

12 techniques to attract new visitors to your Blog

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Traffic building is one of the vital task for new blogger. When we create a blog then we try to divert traffic by adopting all strategies. So I will share some techniques that really attract new visitors to your blog which is proven scientifically and logically.

1. Use a clean and sophisticated design 

Always try to use clean and sophisticated design to attract new visitors. It is absolutely true that word press theme is more elegant then blogger theme. But we should choose simple blogger template that will be organized with eye-catching color combination. Remember readers always love simple and clean design blog.

2. Content Writing

Some blog suggest for daily post and it is good for your blog but to making daily post your article quality will be lower. Don’t compromise with quality instead of quantity. Try to write rich content with all sorts of error free.

3. Guest Writing

Guest writing is a great way to divert new traffic. If you have good writing ability then grab the chance of Guest writing. Because it not only attract new visitors but also it will grow your online reputation as well as you can get quality backlinks. So try to submit your guest article to high profile blog where more visitors visit every day.

4. Respond to comments and emails 

Comments and emails are only direct interacting way with your readers. So don’t be lazy to interact with them. Because it is a best way to grow your reader circle. I personally receive many email with reader’s problem and try to solve it as soon as possible.

5. Comment on other blogs 

This most important for every blogger to comment on others blog. Because many visitors see the comments and feel interest to visit your blog. So try to comment at least on 5 blog daily and see the result ultimately your blog visitors will increase.

6. Share on Social Networking Site

Social networking has a great role to attract new visitors. Whatever you publish on your blog try to share it on different social media which can divert big amount of visitors. Some blogger don’t have much time to share the article to different social media, in this case take the help of auto posting techniques.

7. Develop good relationships with other bloggers 

Relationship building with others bloggers are also great way to attract new visitors. Try to interact with others blogger by commenting, link exchange and discuss with them about new issues. If you do interact with others then they will interact with you. 

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8. Review your articles 

It is often happen for content writer that some unexpected errors on spelling and grammatical. In this case you should do proof reading to find out this kinds of subtle error. Sometimes due to simple mistake make change the sentence meaning and it destroy the credibility of readers.

9. Always answer positively 

Blogger shouldn't always expect positive comments sometimes we receive negative and critical comments with readers problem. You have to be always tricky to answer this kinds of problem. But if you just ignore the negative commentator then there are certain amount of visitors you will going to lose.

10. Attractive Blog Article

Article title choosing is very important technique to attract new visitors. If your article content is similar to others, boring or with spelling and grammatical error then readers won’t feel interest to read the content as well as they will leave your blog. So try to use attractive blog article thus a readers can engage longer time with your blog.

11. Make Blog improvement

Don’t stick to same blog design and widget. Try to bring some variation to existing design and change the widget periodically. Because readers always love to see new things. If you improve your blog then your visitors will grow continuously. 

12. Attractive Image 

Image has the strong ability to eliminate the lacking of your article. Visitors always like to watch visualization.So article with relevant and attractive image able to bring more visitors to your blog. You can use Google Image search to find appropriate image for your article.

In conclusion, you should always care about your blog and follow the above techniques, I believe you will be success very soon. 
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Parallel Blog says: 5/01/2013

Hey. this is me again. i am in search of really good template for blog. pls suggest me one. or if you can customize a template for me pls. il keep your link at footer. hope you will help me. thanks in advance.

actually i want a template clean like windroidclub.com
clean . pls help me.
don't publish this comment if you wish. but pls reply me on my mail parallelblogging@gmail.com
thanks again . pls help me creating a template. pls pls. thanks once more

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 5/02/2013

Bro I can help you in customization a template but creating a new template is time consuming. And recently I am too much busy, even I am getting very little time to make post on my own blog. But don't worry you just select a template and I will customize it according to your requirement. Thanks and hope your quick reply.

Parallel Blog says: 5/03/2013

Thanks man.

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