Top 5 Qualities to Get Hired As Freelance Writer

Top 5 Qualities to Get Hired As Freelance Writer


Everybody heard about Freelance where you can do some job and get benefited by income. There are many freelance site where you can earn money by work with them but before that you must register with that sites and you have to promote yourself. If your ability is satisfactory then you will be get hired by others. However you have to prove yourself that you are qualified to do work.

People do freelance work for different reason but money earning is the main motive. I personally do freelance for 2 reason.

  • I wanted do make some extra money.
  • I feel pleasurable in writing.

My blogging career is very short but within this period luckily I got opportunity to write as freelance and accepted some of my writings. But this is a tough job for me because most of the company can unapproved your writing promptly.

So I am going to explain 5 qualities that require on Freelance job where you can acquire possibilities to get hired.

1. Set Lowest Bid Price 

Freelancing is like to selling yourself and your product so you have to set minimum bid price for your customer. If you set higher in initial period you won’t be get hired by others. Because most of the customer looking for higher quality with lowest price. So if you do your service price lower then there is be more chance to get hired.

2. Join the Race

Freelance writer actually do race with their competitors. There are many company on oDesk, Elance, Fiverr where they are examine your ability as well as your superiority on your own niche. So if you haven’t any superiority on specific field then don’t go for compete on that fiend. I am sure you will fail. As a blogger I offer my works on blogging site where I got good response and made me successful to get the job.

3. Stimulate Your Services

This is an important factor to stimulate your services to others. If you already did some freelance work then it would be great for you. Let you satisfied customer promote your previous services. If they recommend you then there are a good opportunity to get more jobs.

4. Use Forums To Promote

Forum is a best way to promote your services, as I am a blogger so I like to promote my work on blogging niche. Write content on forum obviously it will be work as reference for your future work. The best way to use forum giving answer and solutions to problems.  It will also increase your online reputation.

5. Maintain time frame and content Quality

A customer relation grow with commitment and trust. So if you can do your task on given timeframe your customer would be happy but I prefer to produce a content before given time that makes my client happier. But you have to stick on quality, if you try to reduce time to produce and deliver a content then quality may be inferior and eventually your content unapproved by your customer.

In conclusion you have to keep in mind that you have be with more professional approach to reach your potential customer. The creation of better quality content you would be get more possibility to get hired. And don’t think that you can’t do it because those who are freelancing they are simply like you but just giving their best effort and time to develop themselves. So try to write from today hope you would be success soon.  
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