Pinterest Recently Introduced Pinterest Analytic Tool

Pinterest Recently Introduced Pinterest Analytic Tool

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Everybody is now well acquainted with Pinterest . It has got great popularity for its best features for their users. Pinterest is constantly working to developing their platform. Earlier Pinterest has change their looks as a result Pinterest user can switch their Older looks to new. And now it has introduced Pinterest Analytic tools that will help you to identify their most engaged and influential Pinners as well as tracking Popularity, Reach of your own boards and pins. Now according to Analytic result you can take necessary actions to develop your own Pinterest Board. The features of Pinterest Analytic are as follows-

You Can Track your Pinning Activity

Now Pinterest will track about your website visitors as well as you can see the pins and who are clicking on your content. There are another facility that you can see your visiting time frame within a specific time. You will also able to find impressions, pinners, Repins as well as Repinners information.

Track what your pinners like

Pining is the main action of pinterest and your content will be repins if anyone make pin your content before.  You can also use this information in your Pinterest board. You can track Most Recent Pins, Most Repinned and Most clicked thus you can understand the trend on Pinterest.

Pre-Requirement To Activate Pinterest Analytic

There is 2 requirements to activate Pinterest Analytics. First you have to convert your Pinterest profile to 'New Looks' And Secondly You must be Verify your blog by Pinterest. There are several method to verify Pinterest like by Meta Tag, HTML file verification etc.

Activating Pinterest Analytic

If your site has already verified then you will be able to activate Pinterest Analytic. Just Follow the Below Steps-

  • Step 1 log into your Pinterest Account
  • Step 2 Go to the top right menu
  • Step 3 Now Click on Analytic.
It goes without say that Pinterest is now a strong Social Networking service to promote your business as well as your blog/web site. So you should get best use of it all tools to promote and develop your site or business. Pinterst has already announced that It will tailor their site with more strong tools in near feature that will help to develop website owners and Business Account Holder. 

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