Make Money From In-Text Media Advertising Networks

Make Money From In-Text Media Advertising Networks

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In-text base ads is most efficient way to make money without occupying any space on your site. Blogger make some extra money with other contextual based ads. So you can use it as a bonus in making money online. Previously I was shared with you 11 best in-text based ads network which is best for your blog site to make some quick bucks. Today I am going to share about another 10 in-text based ads that will help you to generate some extra bucks.

1.  LinkAdage:

This is another commission based in-text ad network where you will get a provision that you can sell links but your site must be index by Google. Their commission rate is higher than others because they will pay you 50% of total earnings. Suppose you wants to sell each text links $20 per month and ultimately you have sold 5 then your revenue will be $100 at the end of the month but you will receive 50% that means $50. 

intext based adsMinimum payout:Variable
Payout Option:PayPal and check
Site Address:

2.  BeContext:

This in-text ad network is easy to setup and you will get paid twice a month but condition is after check out they will make payment after 15 days of your payment request. But only after minimum payout amount you will able to make a payment request.

make easy moneyMinimum payout: $50
Payment option: PayPal, Infolinks Prepaid MasterCard® (powered by Pioneer), bank wire transfer or ACH.
Site Address:

3.  BuiltinText:

This is another commission basis in-text ad network who will generate revenue fastest way. You will receive 30% of your total earnings. Payment will made first business day of each month, however it will take minimum 5 days to transfer fund into your account.

earn money onlineMinimum Payout: $25
Payment Option:PayPal, Direct Deposit (Quebec, Canada only), bank wires transfer.
Site Address:

4. Intellilinks:

This is comparatively different in-text based ad network because it helps to install a server-side script (PHP or Wordpress Plugin). It will give you 50% of total revenue from Regular Links, Context Links.

easy moneyMinimum payout: No Minimum
Payment option: PayPal
Site Address:

5.  InTopic Media :

This in-text based ad network whose previous name was SinText that will provide you very higher in commission payout that will provide you 80% of your revenue. Through InTopic ads you can generate revenue on different way, however most income will come from Clicks on ads that means more click make more money for you. If you got a site with higher traffic then obviously you can generate money rapidly. Now you are able to place 9x CTR Micro-Banner™  as well as your own ads.

extra bucksMinimum Payout: $100
Payment option: PayPal and Check
Site Address:

6.   Affinity:

This is a very good in-text based ads with highly customizable options that easy to install in your site with different ad formats. such as In-text flash banner ads, banner ads, text ads etc. They share 95% of total revenue.

affiliated networkMinimum payout: Varies  
Payment option: PayPal and Check
Site Address:

7.   AppSnack:

This in-text based ad networks previous name was Echotopic that display ads automatically in different section of your website. Now it has enrich their site with rich media advertising  AppSnack assure you maximize advertising revenues from your blog.

ads mediaMinimum Payout:Variable
Payment option: PayPal
Site Address:

8. Hotwords

Hotwords started its journey since 2006 but it may seems to you a new in-text ad network. It will ensure save revenue earnings for online content makers and their main goal is to increase your revenue by all ways. This is a legit and reliable in-text based ad network and share 50% of all ads revenue. They are providing DHTML, Full Page ads, Slider Banner and Text ads. 

hot adsMinimum Payout: Variable
Payment option: Bank Transfer
Site Address:

9. Magenet

Through this ad network you can sell text links on each and every pages of your blog and you will be able to make up to $1000 per month if you have high traffic rates. You can set a custom price for each link and payment will be automatic via PayPal or to other payment options.

The main features of this in-text ads is that it doesn’t violate Google policy or guidelines. On the other handyou will hold complete control over each traded backlink.

extra bucks onlineMinimum Payout: $50
Payment option: PayPal, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, Payoneer, WebMoney or any other system, through which you can receive payment.
                                                      Site Address:

10. Teliad

This is only in-text ad network that accept a site with different languages and it offer to place ads in many different section of your site such as Blog header, Content area, Sidebar and Footer section. Teliad is ideal for Article based blog.

www.bloggerspice.comMinimum Payout: Variable
PayPal Options: PayPal and Check.
Site Address:

11. Triggit

Triggit is a new in-text based ad network with many featuresto attract potential publisher. The best features of Triggit that it will allow you to add text links on content, YouTube videos, Flickr pictures etc. which is good in terms of Monetonization of your blog.

www.bloggerspice.comMinimum Payout: Variable
PayPal Options: PayPal or Check.
Site Address:

In conclusion I have tried to share with you all possible good amount of money making in-text based site that will generate revenue for your site. Hopefully I will come forward with more money makings tips for my loyal readers.  

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Anonymous 4/08/2013

Intopic Media is a fraud company ran by a criminal named Michael Morrison. I would remove this company from your list. Search for "Michael S. Morrison Atlanta" to find more information.

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