Make Cash By Giving Advice And Question Answer (Q & A) On Specific Trend

Make Cash By Giving Advice And Question Answer (Q & A) On Specific Trend

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Its sounds like interesting that we can earn money by answering questions and giving some advice to specific topics. This new may seems to you rare or vague but it's true and you will get several sites to make money by answering questions online. But you have to be little expert on particular topic thus you can give logical and scientific solution by answering them.  There are several sites are working on to receive questions from users and they are paying to those who can give answer.

1. Just Answer

This site is very popular for answering and giving advice as well as pay you good amount of money. Just Answer made a team with expert people who are well acquainted to give answers. Such as Doctor, Lawyers, Mechanics, Consultant  etc. They are providing this service to more than 145 countries who are receiving fast and affordable answer over 100 categories.

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2. Kgb Answer

This is another site that help you to make some bucks by answering questions. In Kgb Answer people send questions via Mobile Text Message and you have to answer them.  People will get answer within 24 hours.  In this site you will get many special topics that you will receive questions and you have to answer it. Such as, free text chat, Funny Jokes, Zombies, game cheats, Dreams, song lyrics, Jobs, Jeff Dunham, dukan diet and many more.

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3. Fun Advice

This site is little bit different from Just Answer and Kgb Answer because Fun Advice doesn't pay directly. You have to earn point by answering questions after that you total point will converted in to dollars.  Currently It is giving advice's under 20+ categories. Fun Advice site you will get different question with fixed rate, even you will be able to earn money $20 by answering a question. Most of the questions are related to Fun, Relations, Improving life, PC problems and many more. 

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4. Ether

Ether is a Questions Answering site that give advice  via Phone and people pay in different more for answering time, such as, for Hour or minute  with schedule times. The most topics are related Tax issues, Therapy, Marriage related and many more.  From my point of view it is secure and you can keep your privacy.

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5. ChaCha

This is very cool site for getting answers 2 ways either online or ChaCha Mobile application. You will get some Samsung mobile has built-in software for connecting with ChaCha. Here you will get many Trends that are talking about, such as celebrities, Finance and Economics, Shopping etc. You will get also a Quiz Sections where you can solve it. Overall by answering them you can earn money. ChaCha is now in leading position in Questions Answering field.

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6. Web Answers

All most all topics are covering by Web Answers that lead to ultimate solutions. If you want to earn money then you have to answer 50 questions and then you will get an invitations to open AdSense  Account and Web Answer will show ads via Google Adsense where you will able to earn money from Ads revenue. Those people who doesn't have any web/blog site this is a good opportunity for them to earn money from Google Adsense.  

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Lastly I can say that there are many ways to earn money over the web but still we didn't explore it. So I am continuously searching them and enriching database for my loyal readers. Answering questions is unique system to earn money but it introduced long time ago. Hope this Article will help you to make some extra bucks. And i will come to you with more info about answering question (Q & A) Site.
Anonymous 3/14/2013

Really appreciate your view!!! You had given me a different view of thinking!!!
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