Introducing New Blogging Guidance Counselor Mr. Spice

Introducing New Blogging Guidance Counselor Mr. Spice

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Blogger Platform is now spicing up day by day with rapid changing. Every blogger wants to become unique However, uniqueness will make you success. Visitors don’t want to see same looks all the time rather they prefer little bit spicy. We knows that prompt promotion of cartoon character is now changing the blog looks and shaping it differently which is responsible to divert visitors as well as getting more subscriber. 

New Blogging Guidance Counselor

In order to make further fun to BloggerSpice in new environment and especially to superior stimulate the idea of a blog I have planned to extent few more working on new character to an extremely helpful mate, called ‘Mr. Spice’.

The name 'Mr. Spice' is inspired from my blog name that will assist me to create a deep place in my loyal reader’s minds. I am characterizing this promotional character as Mr. Spice as long as my blogging goes on.

Mr. Spice will appear every section of this blog with more different expression as well as in every announcement. I have already introduced this character through my each and every posts, Footer section as well as in Comment Notification section.

However, our future appearances and workshops will be conducted under the title of Mr. Spice. I have adopted this strategy in order to turn the traditional way of transferring Ideas to general visitors in a more interactive and pioneering style.

Mr. Spice will be responsible for answering Blogger Spice reader’s queries and solving their problems on our 24/7 free Help Service. It will work as a new blogging guidance counselor!

Moreover, very soon we are creating our G+ page by the name of Mr. Spice. That will spread the BloggerSpice content under one Platform. Mr. Spice would love to serve our readers with new and more exciting freebies.

About Copyrights

This Character has avail under creative common license from the original Artists. You may not use the image for reselling purposes. All rights for the Blog Style Sheets, Scripts and Vector Images of Mr. Spice are strictly reserved. Miscarriage to comply will result in a forced action by DMCA and Google Blogger.

Final Word

I’m confident about this small contribution to blogger obliges its purpose of serving the Blog community in the most interesting way as much as possible. I will be reply about all of queries contained by my knowledge and I hope with the introduction of Mr. Spice, you can expect a reply within 24 hours without disillusion you. 

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