How to Pull through Blog from Penalties By Google Penguin and Panda Updates

How to Pull through Blog from Penalties By Google Penguin and Panda Updates

Google Penalties

Google is providing free blogging platform with all kinds of free services. As a result the popularity of Google Blog is in pick position. You can easily purchase a domain within $7-$10 and can use Google blog platform as a host site for this reason most of the blogger grab this chance to have their own site within cheap budget. However free service is always give many terms of use that you must comply with them, otherwise you would be penalize by Google. Google has recently blocked many inferior blog and some blog marked as spam because they try to build back-links by writing their blog address in other blog comment box. So today I am going to share an Article about How to Pull through your website from Google Penalties, which will help you to take initial precaution for being penalize or recover your blog after penalize.

Remove inferior incoming and Outgoing Backlinks

We already know about Google Penguin algorithm whose main task is to find out inferior backlinks for your website and link back for others website. So if you are having this kinds of backlinks you must be penalized by Google Penguin algorithm. Many SEO consultant identified that almost 30% penalty incurred by Google due to inferior backlinks. In this case most of the victims are those who purchase backlinks for their website. We can see many offers from different website about backlink selling blocked by search engine continuously.

So now question about how to deny inferior backlinks from your blog site. It’s very easy to do by using a strong tools from Google Webmaster Tools named ‘Google Disavow tool’. By using this tools just remove all inferior backlinks.  Remember that having few high quality back links are much better than thousands of inferior back-links.

On contrary, there are some inferior websites includes link ranches, less graphics, low quality and duplicate content websites and malware infected websites links are holding by your blog that is very hazardous for your site. It is destroy your Rank as well as you would be penalize by Google Penguin algorithm.

Focus on Quality of Website

Google panda and Penguin algorithm regularly crawl the website and identify inferior and copied website which contain low quality and duplicate contents. As a result Google may penalize against this kind of website. So be aware and concentrate on Quality Content which is high quality and unique. Remember that write every Article with more than 400 words and use at least 2 or 3 images to explain each post and don’t focus on keyword.

Research on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

You have to take into consideration on Google Webmaster guidelines because it’s another name SEO Bible. All the guidelines read carefully and follow on your blog that lead to become a successful in SEO Consultant. You have to spend little time on it so get ready to do some research on it. If your site got Penalty then just follow Google webmaster guidelines and where you will get information about recovery from Google Penalty fastest possible time. Generally Google algorithm perform 500+ updates a year so walk with their phase.
Google penguin updates

Don’t Leave Your Blog or Site Address In Comment Box

Google has updated his strategy recently that if they found your blog address in comment box then it will mark as spam and Google may delete your blog without any notification. So be careful about it. Many blogger adapted this strategy and become success earlier but now the situation is totally different. There are some popular blog already has deleted due to putting their blog address in other blog comment box.

Compliance With all Google Updates

To keep your site up-to-date be conscious about Google algorithm updates, panda updates and penguin updates. However, by compliance to Google updates you won’t get penalty from Google ever. After any Google updates if you see that your rank has dropped then you have to understand your site is not compliance with Google Updates due to some latest updates by Google. So try to find out the reason and solve it.

Submitting Google Reconsideration Request

This is the final stage when Google gave penalty to your blog site for doing any Google terms violation. But in this case they will leave some clue about why they have penalized your blog. So you have to remove all the conflicted content (e.g. Text, Images, Names) after that you may submit a reconsideration request to Google from Webmaster Tools. If Google satisfy after review your site then you may recover your site. Generally it takes minimum 15 days to review a site by Google. And remember if you submit Google reconsideration request without making any change then your site will ban permanently.  

In conclusion this is the time for all blogger to be aware because already thousands of blog affected but this new algorithm updates of Google Panda and Penguin. So if you have any idea to share with us just leave it in comments box for others readers. 
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