Guidelines To Avoid Participation in Link Schemes For Better Google Page Rank

Guidelines To Avoid Participation in Link Schemes For Better Google Page Rank

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The concept of link scheme is a system that you are linking with some website with your site link to get Higher Page rank as well as backlink that is totally pointless to other people.

Before introducing Google Penguin and Panda link scheme was very useful to get Higher rank for website which is now useless. Because Google considering those links as spam. Even they are deleting this types of blog as penalty.  So we should avoid to play a part in Link schemes.

We are doing link scheme with our unconscious mind, e.g. if you want to recommended a site by providing a link to that maybe useful for your visitors, this action will include under link scheme.

We can say about reciprocal link that you are linking with a site on the other hand you are including a link of that site in your blog. This is totally bad concept and Google will detect this kind of link easily.

  • Good - Under Link Scheme you are creating a link to a website and recommending for you visitors.
  • Bad - Under Link Scheme you are creating a link intended to increase your site's ranking or PageRank.

We get some site that we can publish a link easily but if the site is spammy and you have linked with that site then your rank will ultimately go down, not up. So you should evade the below movements to get ride from Link Schemes.

Joining Paid Links

If you are purchasing link by paying then it is very bad for your site. Initially you will get some backlinks but eventually it is useless because Google has already penalized this kinds of website who are selling links. Don’t think it will increase your rank rather your link will decrease or it may lead to Google Penalty.

Participating in Extreme Reciprocal Links

If you are linking with another site and giving a link back to that site that is called Reciprocal links. So if you do this kinds of Reciprocal links extremely then Google will easily detect easily and that will make a bad affect for your site.

Linking with unrelated or irrelevant websites / webpages

This is another mistake that is doing by most blogger. Suppose your site is related to Media and you have linked with a SEO site then it would be treated as Link scheme because both sites are irrelevant to each other.

Link exchange or Partnership links bidding

Some website give link exchange facility that is not a good idea right now. Because by link exchange or partnership link building or bidding your site will be affected by Google Penguin updates. Because of changing of Google Penguin algorithm it is now affect your site reversely.

 By preset services for linking

There are some preset service such as auto link building service that purchased by you and there are some auto ping service that will create bad effect for your site.

By using Text advertisements

If you use text advertisement by hidden link that will lead to link schemes which is bad for your page rank. Though you are getting some traffic and backlink but it will drop your page rank. Because the site that link to you that may link to other spammy site which will make your text link spammy too.

Selecting low quality directory or bookmark service for submissions

There are some new and low quality directory as well as bookmark submission site where you can get backlinks by joining them. Those sites are very bad for your rank because Google not only analyze your incoming links but also analyze your outgoing links that plays a big role for your page rank.  

By giving comments with signatures to Spam forum

By giving comments in various you are doing link scheme. Maybe those forums are spammy and you are unaware about them but Google must penalize for this kind of link schemes.  

Re-direction from one website to other web/blog pages or site which is blocked by search Engine.

If you have crease some fake site only for making links or redirect to your site that is also harmful for you. Because Google can detect low quality and spam site. On the other hand if your site is blocked by search engine then its effect will be more dangerous for your site.

Finally we can say only genuine and unique content make your page rank higher. Some blogger think back link is the main responsible for page rank but this is totally wrong concept because back-link has a partial effect to get higher page rank. So just concentrate on quality content that can engage your reader with your content for longer time and it will help to get higher page rank and try to avoid all sorts of Link schemes.  
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