Grab Blog Catalog Widgets To Connect With Blog Community

Grab Blog Catalog Widget To Connect With Blog Community

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We already knows about Blog Catalog (BC) that is an awesome site where you can join and connect with mass blog community that will help to increase your chances to make your blog familiar. Here you can put your blog profile as well links where some people will be interested to see your blog and ultimately it will help to distract some visitors to your site. I prefer this kind of site because it work as a delegate of your site and beside this you will get a quality backlink from that site. Earlier Blog Catalog has introduced some widgets that will help your blog to engage with readers. Such as

  • BlogValue Widget
  • Recent Viewers Widget
  • Discussions Widget
  •  My Communities Widget

BlogValue Widget

This is a simple widget that will show your Blog value by Blog Catalog (BC) this is on types of ranking widget from them. By using this you can increase your blog value to reader’s eyes and also can show off all of your hard work.

blog rank

Recent Viewers Widget

This is an idle widget who wants to connect their readers with their blog. By this widget you will able to see the latest visitors to your blog. You can also customized fully to generate the code and just add the code in your blog that will help you to track your audience. But you can only track those visitors who are a members of blog catalog. The widget will appear with visitors avatar and you will able to send message them.

recent view

Discussions Widget

This is an awesome widget to make your blog discussion interesting.  It will track your discussion and share with your audience. There are thousands of visitors who wants to share articles, thought about blog, this discussion widget will help you to make a bridge between you and other users.

good chat

My Communities Widget

This is a great widget that will help connect you with multiple social networks. It will enable you to connect with Facebook, Aim, Amazon, Delicious, Digg, Myspace, Flicker at a time. So your readers from various social network will keep audience plugged into you. Generally to find your fan from different social network you have to sign in and exchange message but by My Communities Widget you can do it very easily.  Because it will show also who is online right now from which social network.

best widget

In conclusion I must say that I have visited many sites about blog community but Blog Catalog is really unique and made something different by introducing widget and plugins. And they are committed to bring more new widget and plugins for their members thus they can become success in their blogging life. So to grab those widget just visit the below link-


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Eve Adams says: 3/25/2013

Wow... very nice plugins. I think I will put some of these in my inspirational Christian quotes blog. Thank you with this wonderful widgets.

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