Free CDN Services For Loading Your Blog Faster

Free CDN Services For Loading Your Blog Faster

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The concept of CDN (Content Delivery Network or content distribution network) is not clear to the most newbie. Even some blogger don’t know why do you need this? It is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers in the Internet. CDN do deliver content partially or entirely of your website from their server instead of from your web hosting server which will make your site loading faster because the content is deliver from a server closer to the visitor. CDNs serve a large fraction of the Internet content today, including web objects (text, graphics, URLs and scripts), downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications (e-commerce, portals), live streaming media, on-demand streaming media, and social networks. In case of Blog user most of them want to host their .js or .css file to another CDN hosting site. Because it makes your blog loading faster because the content is deliver from a server that is close to the visitors.

Suppose your blog is hosted in US then your blog will load faster for those visitors who live is near USA. Fundamentally CDN has great effect to make your blog load faster for international visitors from around the world. By CDN you will have many mirrors of you blog all over in a global network. If your blog is made for global audience then you must consider CDN. However, if your blog’s target group is local audience with local content or product then maybe you don't need CDN.

Still you can consider to use CDN for caching, minifying, hotlinking guard, parallel request, and security. Some bloggers are using CDN but even then didn’t noticed that you may already using certain type of CDN in a minor scale.

For example if you have installed some bookmarking services that provided from or, You won’t find any image file code from those but it load from respected bookmarking site that already deliver from global CDNs instead of directly from their server.
Even Pinterest providing their services from CDN server.

Google Network

There is an application named Google Code that work totally on CDN based. Google Apps for CDN service uses D-I-Y method which involves creating a sub-domain and then put the JavaScript, images, css files etc to the sub-domain so those files will be delivered from the subdomain. It is a technique to create parallel downloading when requested by internet browser to make the website loading faster. You have to do a lot of work to do compare with other method because Google Apps is combination of a dozen of apps. Bit confusing for new blogger so they skip this to use another services because you need to download developer files first to create the apps.

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Dropbox Network

Another free CDN service provided by Dropbox which is best alternative for Google Network. Recently Dropbox has rapidly improved its features. And it is growing faster than other Network. You can use public Dropbox which is cloud based file sharing/storage network via a WordPress plugin. It is also useable for Blogger Platform. You can get the plugin for WordPress for setting up with Dropbox at Dropbox WordPress Plugin. The plugin wll allows you to upload your themes CSS, JavaScript, and Images etc. into your Dropbox 'public' folder and serve these files from the Dropbox network.

CoralCDN Network

It uses peer to peer distribution network. CoralCDN is a unique way of delivering your site. your website content will be delivered from their network cache. It will be delivered from one of Coral CDN network. For best use of CoralCDN you need to configure the DNS server to point to CoralCDN. It easier to load your CSS, JavaScript and images to CoralCDN. You can set up your blog to use CoralCDN easily by installing a word press plugin at CoralCDN WordPress Plugin or at Coralize plugin. It's amazingly work fast!

FreeCast (Multimedia - Audio Video Streaming)

Some site do audio/video streaming for broadcast requires a lot of bandwidth. But you must be choose high performing network. But FreeCast broadcast your audio video stream with its P2P network. Even you can broadcast from your PC easily by installing the FreeCast software. This is a specialized Content Delivery Network solution. Peer-to-peer Processing (P2P) project was the famous Napster, and now bitTorrents, utorrents are using peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. So, as you may have guessed this type of processing requires you to have a software installed on the user’s computer.


I have just given an idea about 4 major CDN service providers among many alternatives. Remember that you may feel like there's no difference in the loading speed after using CDN (Content Delivery Network) services. But you won’t noticed about the effects of CDN. When the visitors from other location of the globe will feel the difference. 

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