Effective Marketing Strategy To Grow Small Business By Social Media

Effective Marketing Strategy To Grow Small Business By Social Media


Social media marketing

Success of Business is depends on effective marketing strategy. We can see many business with good capital become failure only for wrong aspect of marketing. But many business with good marketing strategy become success and can easily reach their target audience through marketing channel. There are different marketing channel, online promotion are the strongest medium to grow your business successfully, however you can be benefited wisely if you become little bit tricky and will be able to save money. And this is possible by the help of social media channel which is absolutely free to use. To promote your product you can take help of some leading social media channel like, Facebook, Twitter and recently popular channel Pinterest which will be play a special role to grow your business. 


It goes without say Facebook is the leader of all social media network and its strongest network connected billions of people from around the world. Where using of this strongest channel your business growth rate will be rapid. Not only providing free service but also Facebook has also paid promotion service where you can reach your target audience with a week.


Twitter is second largest social channel to promote your product and brand. You can manage your client individually and can reach to all community. Twitter also plays a vital role to promote your product effectively.


Pinterest introduced earlier but its growth rate is higher than all other social network. This is suitable for image hunger audience. The best way to promote your business through creating some infographics or visual graphics which can be pin on pinterest board.


This is a social channel of professional body where you will get high profile to promote your brand. I think LinkedIn is more specific than other social networks. Because you will get here every person with details information which will help you to reach in target consumer. 

My Space

This is a good channel for music industry because you can promote your music and video through this network. So if you have started a business on music base then this is the ideal place to promote.

Social media channel

Google Plus

Though it is late but Google finally introduce their most awaited social channel named Google Plus where some changes brought by Google recently. Now it will give you more service and connect you with growing community. I personally do some freelance work where require Google plus to write review on it.


You can broadcast your commercial through YouTube where you will get thousands of audiences. You will find very few people who don’t use YouTube. So I think this is a very good channel to promote your newly established business.

Stumble upon 

This is also good social network but now a days it seems to be less effective to socialize. But still has a chance to market your business through this channel. People will able to learn about your product and brand. 

Beside of these you have to build relations with your audience and try to give some feedback about your business and product or you may introduce some promotional offer for your audience. And remember that your promotion will be successful on your online reputation. If you can grab correct strategy for promotion your business will must grow rapidly.
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Anonymous 7/18/2013

Thank you so much for great post.I think every small business owner must read this for increasing their online presence & growing their business.

Tony Smith

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