Comprehensive Guidelines before your Blog Articles Published

Comprehensive guidelines before your Blog articles published

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Every Blogger do publish often to keep their readers engaged with their blog. Readers also wants some fresh and good article often, so blogger have to do some repetitive work to produce contents. However, only good content is not everything if you made some silly mistake while produce content then your purpose would be flop. So there must be follow some structural guidelines to make a good content before publish. If you can follow this guideline I hope your blogging would be better and improved which can distract some reader’s interest on your blog. So you have to do certain checking before publish the content.

This article will help you to do some task that should do every blogger before posting their blog contents.


Select right Post Title

The first task in writing you have to select a suitable title that is best suit your article. Because it will indicate that what will be discuss on the article under specific title. Suppose your article has not any similarity with your content then it would be pointless to your readers. So check your content title first that have you selected right one or not.


Applicable use of Paragraphing

Paragraphing is the second part to create a good writing because if you use more paragraph then your readers won’t be bore soon. But you can follow my strategy that I always follow a structure that you will find on my every article an introductory para then it leads to in depth discussion or description and finally conclusion para.
I think this is the best way to write a good content and my readers like it too.


Use Relevant Picture

A perfect and relevant image can make your article appealing to your readers. If you use irrelevant image that is not matching with your article then it would be pointless. Image can eliminate your contents lacking’s. So if you can use attractive image then your readers will be attract to your articles. So check your images before publish your contents.

Choose right category for article

Categorizing is another important factor on blogging which indicate about your articles classifications. It is often seen that bloggers are including their articles in different category which is not relevant because s/he wants to increase the content volume under each article. It is totally wrong concept because your readers may mislead by your wrong category selection. So check the appropriate category that you have selected before publish.  

Use appropriate tags

There are no similarity between tags and categories. Tags also helps you to define your blog. Tags also help your to make an effect on search engines for your blog. So you should tag your articles and check it before publish your posts.


Optimize your article before publish

Content Optimization plays a big role to get more traffic for your blog. If you can choose the right keywords for your article then it will help you to get rank as well as good number of loyal readers. And you must fillip Meta description for each post before publish. This description will help to search your article easily.

Modify the permalink for the article

Google has introduce permalink to describe your article on your own way. It makes your post link as your desire so try to best use of it before publish your content. You can also use the permalink to target your right audience and for search engine. So check your permalink before publish it.

Check over your article

After writing your content you should read it first to last carefully make you there hasn’t any mistake. If you read your own article then you can understand that is it perfect for your readers or not. Emphasize on linking your thoughts and well organized writing thus readers can enjoy the writing. Proof reading also involve to correct any grammatical errors from writing.


Use Preview

After finishing your writing and including images use blogger preview that will help you to see your article before publish. If you can see any error of any inconsistency then make correction on it and again see the preview. Check your writing alignment, headings, subheading and images are on right place.

 After doing the above task you may ensure about your post and finally you can hit the publish button that will reveal your article for your readers. Remember that if your readers are happy then you would be happy because reader’s satisfaction is the key to success in blogging. I hope this guideline will help you to produce a good ideal content. 

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