Brand Your Blog Foundation On Uniqueness

Brand Your Blog Foundation On Uniqueness

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To become a successful blogger you must have to concentrate on many things such as, SEO, Design, Responsive and User Friendly templates etc. Due to this circumstances bloggers are continuously working hard to improve their blog. We know about ‘Love at First sight’ and I have just found similarity about the sentence with blog design. If any visitors see any blog is looking beautiful then it will easily catch their attention, and it create an intention to revisit the site again, However ultimately it will able to divert your visitors to your blog. There are thousands of blog with beautiful design but they are not SEO friendly or Responsive. On the other hand you will get SEO friendly templates but design is not eye catching. So you have to customize your blog according to your own design. You can customize Blog Header, Body, Sidebar or Footer as your desire and make uniqueness on Blog Content, Format, Topic etc.

If you want to get more Advertiser that are willing to work with you thus you can increase income monthly then you must make a blog that can attract visitors. To do this, you should follow the steps that will make your blog better. 

If you want your blog to pull out from the thousands of Blog then you need to be different in every angle. You have to be different in:

Unique Design

First impression is most important for your blog. You must take this matter seriously. Your design must be different from other designs in your niche. Follow the footprint of successful bloggers.You need to do some research on most popular blogs and their strategies, and make different from all of them.

Unique Content style

Your content presentation style should be unique than all the other bloggers. You have to choose right images, fonts, size, colors etc. Posts minimum content with minimum 400 to maximum 700 words. If you posts a content less than 300 word search engine maybe treat it as spam. On the other hand, content which is containing more than 700 words then your visitors will feel boring.

Unique Content format

Unique content means the content is not posted on any Blog before. In this case you can take help of least popular topic that will help you to give uniqueness. There are thousands of blog that published most popular topics or content. But all of them are on same track. But chose those topics that are not very familiar.

Unique Blog Topic

It's is often very difficult to have a unique topic. But you must chose unique topic that will get priority on search engine. Be tricky on making unique topic, just combine some related topics to one unique topic. So do a quick research to make your own unique topic. We knows that every unique top is index by search engine and later on it shows priority basis on search engine. Just write any query in Search Engine it will shows the topic links on priority basis that mean who have posted first his link will be show on higher.


These are the foremost steps that you need to follow to make your blog attractive for new visitors as well as Advertiser. You must be outstanding to make your readers summon up you from your blog design, content format as well as your blog topic.

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Salis Abdullah says: 3/04/2013

Thanks Could u help me with a beautiful and redesignable blogger template and that does not av the template owner credit Links..or even any of you can help me too.

Mohammad Rabbi says: 3/04/2013

In this case you have to take help from some professionals. Because for design a templates with all options it takes more than 20-30 days. There are many Blog Designer that work or design Blog. But you have to spend minimum $50 - $120..And there are many Premium templates that sell for $15-$ contact with them. I will start designing professionally very soon. Just design 1 templates. You can try it...

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