10 Best Strategy to Generate Traffic to Your Blog Site

10 Best Strategy to Generate Traffic to Your Blog Site

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A beautiful blog without traffic is pointless for the author, while every blogger expect a minimum traffic towards their blog. But we have gathered knowledge about different ways to generate traffic for blog. Most of the newbie wants to divert their new blog quickly and also search for this kinds of article, tips and tricks to divert more traffic within a short period of time. Actually there hasn't any legit evidence that we can divert traffic by following certain ways. There are many higher ranked blog getting lower traffic but a lower ranked or without ranked blog getting higher traffic.

 However I have identified some major ways to divert traffic which worked for me and hope work for your blog too.

1.  Quality Content

If you can write higher quality content that it works partly to divert some traffic. For this type of writing your idea should be fresh and unique. Most of the time focus on latest issue where less familiar for others. As well as your article must be error free and enrich with good English which is preferred by blog readers.

2.  Use Wikipedia and WTO

If you confident enough about your article then submit it to Wikipedia for other and WTO (Website of Trust) where you will get quality readers from all over the world. It not only divert some traffic but also increase your site value as well you can use it as reference in your professional life.

3. Role of Social Media

You must believe on power of social media that it plays a major role to divert maximum traffic to your website. Suppose, you are connected with 100 social media network and publishing your content regular basis. I believe at least 100 visitors will visit your site. And if each visitors visit minimum 5 page then your page visit will be 500 only from Social media network.

4.  Follow Content writing style

If you write a content within 1 or 2 para it would be boring for your readers. Always write your article using with lots of bullet mark, number etc. and 4/5 para for 500 words article. Because pause between article readers feel comfortable to read that will lead to engagement for longer time in your site.

5Promotional flyer

Promotion is necessary in all aspect but by a little bit tricky you can promote your blog with free of cost. Suppose, if you are good in Graphics then create some desktop wallpaper that provide free for your visitors and mention your blog name and address. Create some dazzling high resolution wallpaper where visitor will download and s/he may use in their desktop background.

6. Regular Updates

If you do regular updates with new posts there maybe your site rank will go up. But don’t compromise with quality because an inferior and copied post can destroy your rank completely. Sometime your blog may deleted by Google for panda updates. So make post 1 or 2 daily but quality content. Don’t panic about daily posting sometimes you can take day off and write in cool brain.

7. Use Blog Directories

There are many blog directories where you can submit your blog as well as your posts for members. So this is a great source for divert some traffic. But remember that are you submitting your blog to relevant niche or not?  Suppose your blog about Movie and Music but you are submitting your blog to an Article base directory then it will be pointless. Sometime the result may come with reverse outcome.

8. Use Yahoo and Google Answer

We know there is like a forum of yahoo and now Google has introduced that you can answer questions where people leave questions. And after replying them you can add your blog link at the end of the answer. Few days ago I found a question there that somebody accidentally delete their Google verification code and asking question about how to recover the verification code? I just simply answer the question and leave my blog link. This work two ways, one you will get some traffic and also get a backlink from yahoo and Google. 

9. Make Video Tutorial

You can make some video tutorials and upload it in YouTube. There are billions of visitors come across YouTube site daily. Video tutorials are more meaningful to the visitors. So it will divert good number of traffic for your blog.

10Develop Widget and Plugins

Readers don’t like article always so develop some unique widgets and plugins which can be used in their blog and give you a link back to you. Keep consistency in posting Articles, Wedges, and Plugins etc.

Finally there would be some other ways to divert traffic for blog but I have discussed major possible ways. So if you have any suggestion with more ways you can share with us by leaving a comment below. I hope this article will help you to generate loyal readers for your blog.

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very powerful tips bro.. keep it up.

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thank for sharing.
get new knowledge and a lot of works to do. :-(

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