Latest Google PageRank Update 4th February 2013

Latest Google PageRank update 4th February 2013

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The most awaiting events for blogger is Google page rank that has already updated at 4th February 2013. PageRank which is analysis algorithm of all blog site refreshed and they are now got ranked again on the scale of 0-10 based on the basis of quality backlinks. This latest Google PageRank updated as our expectation. Last year it was updated on 2nd February 2012 and this year 4th February 2013. 

We knows that Google rolls out a PR update on quarterly basis which means 4 times a year. And blog/websites are ranked on a scale of 0 to 10 basis. So there are extra 3 chance left those who didn’t get page rank. So you don’t have to be worried about it. For the new website my suggestion is to do frequent posting and emphasize on quality content.

And those who got the PR those website have to work hard to keep their current Page Rank and to advance to next level.  If you lose your patient then maybe in next update your page Rank may drop. So be careful.

If your Page Rank dropped then do not lose hope and keep updating with your unique content and if your Page Rank increased then you should be extra careful to utilize it. I congratulate to all the best to every new blog site those who got Page Rank. 
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Kamal G says: 2/12/2013

Great i red your SEO tips Now I got Page Rank 3 In my Blog Called
QUIZVOOK,Thanks a lot for sharing admin.

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