Direct Advertising and Problems to get Approval for Bloggers Blog

Directs Advertising and Problems to get approval for Bloggers Blog

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Blogger's Another way of making money from Direct Ads from Advertiser.  We already know that bloggers are making money from various affiliated program as a result some of them have chosen blogging as their profession.  A blogger use all kind of ways like text ads, image ads, direct ads, in-text ads, reviews, feeds monetization, affiliate programs, etc.  But they most of them unsuccessful in getting money from direct advertisements. There are few programs which help you for getting the direct ads by holding some commissions for them like the sites Advertisespace, BuysellAds, Puxee, etc. But getting approved from them its often very difficult and complicated for the bloggers who do have the minimum requirements which they demand for. And that is the main reason why your blog never get approved.


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Advertisespace is a very strong influence on direct advertising around the web. It is always tried to negotiating with advertisers or watching your revenue fluctuate? AdvertiseSpace also allows you to set your own price for a variety of ads zone sizes that match any blog site. It is also handle advertiser acquisition, cloud-driven, edge-network ad serving via asynchronous code that helps to load your blog site loads quickly, as well as all tracking and advertiser billing allowing you to focus only on your site.


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BuysellAds offer the most diverse set of monetization tools for publishers like display ads, RSS feed ads, sponsored tweets, image and text, text links, background takeovers, sponsored content and posts, email newsletter ads, and our most interesting tool — custom ads. Naturally, this leads to unique opportunities for our advertisers, all built into a seamless platform that makes executing ad buys easier than ever.


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Through Puxee the easiest way to sell advertising on your website, earn more by selling directly to advertisers. Yes it is true that Puxee is more flexible than others directs advertising network. The features of Puxee are as follows-

  • Get paid instantly into your PayPal account
  • Keep control of your ad space
  • Gain exposure to our network of advertisers
  • You keep 75% of your total sales revenue

Requirements to get Approval

There are several requirements to get approval. The requirements are as follows-
  • Greater than 10k impression per month(History or Series base writing really the best sites, they will accept it)
  • Your site must have complete good and fresh content.
  • Your site must have a custom domain e.g. rather than any sub-domains like
  • No p0rn or adult content, anything illegal, or containing even remotely "questionable" content.
  • If you have tons of untargeted ads on your site already.

What to do if You didn't get approval for the first time?

If You didn't get approval for the first time it does not mean that you won't get approval in future.
So tailor your site according to above requirement  and resubmit rather than submitting continuously. You have to concentrate on some factors such as your site rank. Make sure you have good Alexa and compete(optional) best ranks, make templates responsive. Make sure you also have good number of  quality back-link. It goes without saying that Google Pagerank also has a great Impact on it.
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