Recent Posts for Each Blogger Label Using Feed Widget

Recent Posts for Each Blogger Label Using Feed Widget

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We can see in Wordpress base site they can easily display all the posts under each labels. But in Blogger we can display only latest posts. But Blogger has already introduced Official Feed Gadget.And you can use the Blogger’s Official Feed Gadget that will work like label basis Recent Posts Widget. It will help you to display under all labels updated posts. That means if you have total 5 labels then you can add 5 Feed gadgets for tailor your website. As a result visitors can easily see all updated posts at once. And if you keep posting the Feed gadget will automatically update by your recent post. So for applying the Feed Gadget please follow the below steps-

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard -> Layout

blogger technique
Step 2 Click the Add a Gadget Link and Add a Feed Gadget From the Popup Window
blogger gadgets

Step 3 Now copy the below URL and paste it in the Feed URL filed Name
(yourblog.blogspot Change it with your Blog URL)

The Feed Gadget can display a maximum of 5 posts

Step 4 Once the Feed is retrieved, Configure the Gadget Settings and Save the Gadget.

recent post by feed
Step 5 Now you should see the Label basis Recent Posts Widget on your Blog

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