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We were hear a news that paypal is starting their operation Bangladesh from September 2012. As a result who wants to get payment from Online (Such as Blog User, Freelancer worker, From affiliated advertising network) was truly happy. But still paypal didn't start their operation in Bangladesh. But there is a strong alternative of paypal we know Alert Pay Current known as Payza has already started their operation for getting payment from online easily. Obviously it is good news for Bangladeshi people who want to earn money through online. There is no doubt that by using payza you will get all the facilities like, Send funds, make Online payments, receive payments, Exchange Currencies,  Credit Card acceptance, Sell through Online everything. Before opening a Payza account you must have a valid bank account in a Bank. Bank Asia is currently providing all kinds of service for Payza. Now I will discuss that how to open a payza account and how to validate the account and How to get Payza Card.

How to Open a Payza Account

Opening a Payza account is very simple. And it is free of charge. But in case of remittance less than $500 cost you $5 and more than $500 cost you $10. Just go to and click on Sign Up.

paypal alternative

 You can open 3 types of accounts. Just Select anyone according to your need. Remember later on you can upgrade or downgrade your account.

  • 1.       Personal Starter (Recommended)
  • 2.       Personal Pro
  • 3.       Business
online payment solution

I personally recommend you to choose Personal Starter account which is better for general user. But if you want to accept Credit Card payment then you should go for Personal Pro account. For managing Online Business or E-Store Business account is preferable.

Suppose you have chosen Personal Starter account then you have to go through 3 steps. These are as follows-

Step 1 Personal Information
Step 2 Account Information
Step 3 Validate Account

earn money from Bangladesh

How to Validate Payza Account

Payza has two ways to validate your account. Obviously you must provide Scan Copy of any 2 Photo ID’s.  You can go through procedure 1 or 2 those are as follows-
1.       Validate by your
-Printed Bank Statement
-National ID Card Copy.


2.       Validate by your
-Passport Copy
-National ID Card Copy

Scan your both photo ID’s and Upload it.

How to Get Payza Prepaid Card

Payza not only giving you facilities through online but also you can avail Payza Prepaid Card for payment and receive money and carry easily. Currently Payza is providing 2 types Card.

visa card

      General Payza Card

     This Card is Cheap to achieve. By paying small amount you can get this.

Payza Card with your printed name

    This Card cost you $19.9 yearly. Because this card will hold your personal information with printed name. 

  Hope this information will help you to get a Payza account which will work like your online earning gateway.

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This information is very helpful.Thanks but do u know when paypal will come???

Talha Yeasin says: 1/18/2016

পোস্টটি খুব সুন্দর| ধন্যবাদ| আমি এই নিউস সাইট থেকে খুব আপডেট নিউস পাই| এইরকম আরো একটি ওয়েবসাইট আছে যেখানে সবার আগে আপডেট bd news পাওয়া যায় |

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 1/19/2016

Thanks Talha for your feedback. ;)

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