How to Activate Google Plus API To Get The Unique Key?

How to Activate Google Plus API To Get The Unique Key?

Google Plus

The Google+ API is the programming interface to Google+. You can use the API to integrate your app or website with Google+. This enables users to connect with each other for maximum engagement using Google+ features from within your application.
If you need a Unique Google Plus API key then just follow the below three steps.

Step 1 Go to

Step 2  Now you will see below screen; just click on creating project option

Blogger Project  

Step 3 Now  you will see many google Api’s, Find the Goole+API. So Activate the one that you need for your projects. we will activate Google Plus API  project.


Step 4 Click on OFF Button for make it ON

Step 5 Now Click on API Access Tab 


You will see your unique API key that you can use on 

Use the Highlighted Key as your Google API Key.
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Gagan Masoun says: 1/22/2013

For which types of applications..??

Mohammad Rabbi says: 1/22/2013

This API Key is require for Google+ Activity gadget. If you use your unique activity key then it will work fast. Beside of this many G+ application require G+ API keys. I will provide some tutorials very soon. Keep visiting.

Now I am little bit busy on designing my new template for Blogger Spice. Hope I can create something unique.

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