Hello Sticky Bar For Blogger Templates

Hello Sticky Bar For Blogger Templates

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Most of the responsive blogger templates has sticky bar at the top of the blogger templates. The main function of the sticky bar is to provide some latest info or notice about blog or posts. But adding code it is little bit difficult but I found an amazing Sticky bar plugins for blogger blogs.

This is an elegant sticky bar and give you so many options to deal with. This Sticky bar known as 'Hello Bar' and I would surely recommend using it.

But the limitation is down side of the sticky bar you are only allowed 25 clicks/month and after that you got to upgrade to Pro Version.

Hello Sticky Bar has several features

  • You will get full statistics of the Click Through
  • Beautiful layout and customizable (Can customize the sticky bar, colors etc)
  • You can choose between 'Hyperlink' or ' Link Button'
  • There is also Wiggle effect of close button. (The close button would wiggle after the 'set' time so to drive attention of the visitor. You can set the wiggle time to 5 seconds. This means after each 5 seconds, you would notice the close button would wiggle, vibrate.)
  • You can also set the sticky bar close timings. (After a set time, the sticky bar would automatically close down while the arrow/cross button would pop out) 
  • RSS and Twitter feeds but available for pro users.
Just go to http://www.hellobar.com/ and Sign Up for it. And you can use it with just one click.

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shakeel asghar says: 2/17/2013

nice bar keep it up.
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Anonymous 4/26/2013

Muhammad Fazle Rabbi very good information i love this keep it up

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