Google Page Rank Probable Update Schedule in 2013

Google Page Rank Probable Update Schedule in 2013

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Hello readers. The most expecting object for blogger is Google Page Rank. We knows that Google updates the blogs Page Rank quarterly but nobody sure about that exactly when it will update the Page Rank. With the schedule of this page rank we can only predict the time for our blog to get a high page rank. With this I will share a little about Page rank. Page rank will not work on a blog that is copied and paste. Because Google will track very easily. Because Google is more intelligent than bloggers. So you must care about your Article in order to get a high page rank.

What is Page Rank?

Google PageRank is in fact an algorithm that is generally used by the Google in its search engine. PageRank is used to determine the worth of a website/blog for significance and reputation.
Now the difficulty in a host of parameters which will decided which PageRank will be given in a particular website.

pagerank updates

Google PageRank or PR relies on the uniquely self-governing nature of web by using its enormous link structure as an indicator of a single page’s value. PageRank is depends on many factors that used to produce search rankings. Google in 2013 using another system to show the most significant pages for a particular search when you will go for in search engine. Generally Google index the pages in order of importance and reputation for what a visitors searched on. If your pages searched by more visitors then the PageRank makes more sense.

In 2013 Google still didn't update the page rank over the web. But if we look back in last year in 2012 then the Google Page Rank updates was-

  • 1st update - January 30 to February
  • 2nd update - June 30 to July 2
  • 3rd update - 30 September to 2 October
  • 4th update - 24 December to 29 December.

So we can guess that Google will update very soon. The probability update time for 2013 are as follows:

Google Page rank Probable Scheduled Update for 2013

  •     1st Update on January 28 to February 10.
  •     2nd update on June 27 to July 7.
  •     3rd Update on September 29 to 4 October.
  •     4th Update on 24 December to 29 December.

What Should we do now for Grabbing The Page Rank?

Those who started blogging in 2013 this is the most precious chance to get the Google Page Rank. There is also fear about dropping the Page Rank of some website those are copied.  In this circumstances you have to do some little care about your site. Because from my point of view this is the time to give some extra efforts on your blog to grab your Google Page Rank. You must do-

  • Make Several post daily
  • Original Content with Authority
  • Spread your post by sharing it in social media networking service 
                  (eg. Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest etc)
  • Submit sitemap to Google and Bing/Yahoo (If you still didn’t submit)
  • Try to get Quality back-link by sharing your site link in different websites.
  • Ping your site twice a week

Page Rank 2013

Hope this will help you to get Higher Page Rank. If you have more idea you can share with us But only Constructive Idea's are appreciateable.  Best of luck to my readers thus you can grabbed the Page Rank. 

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You are absolutely right. I am waiting for better Page Rank for my site..

Vijendra Dhanotiya says: 1/28/2013

are you sure the day you are mention is above is correct or perfect

Mohammad Rabbi says: 1/28/2013

Google update schedule are probable date according to the update of 2012.Last year Page Rank update 2nd February. Because Google generally update 4 times a year.

Anonymous 6/08/2013

I hope my blog get PR

visitback my blog bro

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