Google Author Verification for Higher Rank on Authorship And Pages

Google Author Verification for Higher Rank on Authorship And Pages

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When we search something about a tutorial on Google Search Engine then it shows thousands of result. But among them you will see that some results with the Blog author/owners profile picture but some are appearing without author’s picture. For displaying author picture you must verify your Authorship. Because without verification the picture won’t show in search engine. Previously there was a wrong idea about Author picture that for displaying author picture a blog site must have Page Rank on Google. But only verifying your authorship you can display your picture easily on Google search engine.   

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Why we need Author Verification?

  • You will get Authorship rich snippets for search results of your content such as- Profile photo, link to your G+ profile, link to other results of your blog contents.
  • You will get also Priority over sites that have Copied, Stolen and Republished your unique blog content in another website or blog sites.
  • There are another positive thing is to get Google Author Rank that will build a "Reliance profile" about your unique content. Some this is a biggest factors to get the ranking.

Test Your Authorship

Is your authorship verified or not you can easily get result by checking Rich snippets. Just click on the below link

And now Enter your website url if your picture is displaying then your authorship is verified. But if your picture does not appears then you must follow the below Methods.

Method 1- Set Up Google Authorship For Your Website In 2 steps

Before proceeding create a Google+ Profile. Becausefor Verifying Your Authorship You Must Have Google+ Profile.

Step 1

Now you have to Add A Link To Your Website In Your Google Plus Profile. Because you have to Add your Website Link To Your Google+ Profile. 
  • Go To Your Google Plus Profile
  • Click On About
  • Your Will Find a line said contributor to
  • In This Add your website link 

Step 2

In this step you have to add your Google Plus profile Id in your blogger template.
  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on Templates
  • Click On Edit Html
  • And Paste The Below Line After/below<head>
<link href='' rel='author'/> 

Note: Replace 102331886274459115104 with Your Google +Profile Id

Now Go to this again and check with your web/blogs address. Now your picture should display with your website.

Method 2- Setup your Authorship by verifying through

For verifying the Google authorship you have to submit your e-mail address to google and google will send a verification email into your E-mail account. You just have to click on verify link given by Google. This method will help you to link your content with Google Plus. Just go to the below site---  

page rank

Write you email address. And Click on Sign up For Authorship button. Now Google  will send a verification link to your e-mail address. Just click on verifying link. It's simple.

Hope this Article will help you to get better Rank in Google.

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thanks this information is very valuable..I recommend it for all bloggers

Abdul Samad says: 7/30/2013

Oh! Thanks Bro For Such A Nice Article This Is Very Helpful For Me Thanks Again

Mohammad Fazle Rabbi says: 7/30/2013

Thanks Samas..But I need update this post. because Google has changed some criteria for Author Verification..

IT Consult BD says: 3/01/2016

vai, amar menu bar a home icon change kore apnar tar moto kivabe korbo?

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