cPanel Management For Using Custom Domain in Blogger

cPanel Management For Using Custom Domain in Blogger

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cPanel means Control Panel that is generally use for make a bridge between Domain and Hosting site thus a Webmaster can setup custom domain. Using Custom Domain give your site more professional address. Suppose you have already a blog site like which can be remove by, if you purchase a custom Domain name. Which cost you not more than $10. But many new blog users don’t know how to set DNS (Domain Name System) for blogger site. But the custom domain setting is very easy by the help of cPanel. Please follow the instructions below for setting up DNS for custom Domain.

How to Setup DNS (Domain Name System) from cPanel

Domain Name System (DNS) Servers are computers with stored data in them such as A (address) records, NS (Name Server) records and MX (Mail Exchanger) records. They are basically computers which have network operating systems installed and resolve host names to their corresponding IP addresses. A DNS server is provided to each and every ISP (Internet Service Provider) which receives requests of name resolution from subscribed ISP which then resolves host name to an IP address.

You have to fill up 3 Records for setting up the custom domain under DNS (Domain Name System) management Control Panel.
  • A Records 
  • CNAME Records and 
  • TXT Records to verify your domain. 

Assume that you have already purchased a domain name from a local Domain name register company. And they have already given you the control Panel access id and password. Now go to their website and login by your id and password. In cPanel or Control Panel you will get Jump to Domain. Write your domain name (example. and hit the enter button.

It will redirect you to DNS Management Page.

Now Click On Manage DNS.

It will take you manage record page where you have to fill up

  • A Records 
  • CNAME Records and 
  • TXT Records to verify your domain. 

Now click on A Records and a new page will come like below. In the Host Name write ‘www’ and under destination IPv4 Address write the four IP Address of Google. Those are as follows where you have to put one by one and click on Add Record.

Put The Code 1 by 1

After that now click on CNAME Records and again click on Add CNAME Records. Now write ‘www’ in Host Name and in value box. Finally click on add record. Now you are done.

Now again click on TXT Records. This is basically for site verification. You will get the verification code from Google Webmaster Tools. Different website has different verification code that will provide by Google. For getting the code you have to sign up in Google Webmaster Tools.

See the below image for verification code that provided by Google.

I hope you have understood the Tutorial and now you will be able to set up DNS (Domain Name System) easily. If you have any query just leave a comment below.
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