Blogger Image Optimization Importance and Some Tips (Complete SEO Part 4)

Blogger Image Optimization Importance and Some Tips (Complete SEO Part 4)

SEO Tips

We are now in new arena of blogging. A new blogger must be aware all kinds of blog optimization otherwise they may get depressed instead of becoming a successful blogger. So blogger should spend some extra time behind their blog. In my previous I have already discussed about some SEO topics.

Today I will discuss how to optimize your blog images. New blogger almost ignore image optimization. But it plays a crucial role to divert some traffic in your blog. In case of my blog if you write in Google search engine under image search then you can see the optimized images that got place. So you can optimize your image by following some simple techniques.

ImageSize& Resolution

Choose the small size images. You can compress image by ACDsee or Photoshop. Try to keep image less than 100 kb and resolution should be use not more than 600px X 500px for better optimization.

Image Format

The most popular image formats are jpeg, png and gif format image. Because images within this format can be keep small size.

  • JPG is an image file type with an adjustable degree of compression. By compressing an image it discards certain pieces of information that the eye is least likely to notice. Because of this, JPG images are frequently used on websites.
  • PNG are often used because they support transparency (unlike JPG files). PNG is a lossless alternative for the GIF format.
  •  GIF images are loss less for images with 256 colors or less. This format also supports animations, which is why it’s still used on certain websites.

Image Upload

In terms of new blog post upload the image in HTML mode instead of Compose mode. And After upload the image back in compose mode.

Title Text & alt text

In blogger blog post you can tag images. Most importantly tagged image get unique name in search engine. Simply it give the identity of images. In blog post just click on uploaded image and you can see an image bar will appear. Choose properties and fill the Title Text as Post title name. And give keyword in Alt Text field. If you use more than 1/2 image then do like before by giving Tag name and alternative tag name.

Complete SEO Part 4

In this tutorial I have tried to give you some idea about image optimization thus you can divert some traffic from your blog images. If you have more idea you can share in comment box. Your feedback and suggestions are valuable for us.
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sudhir mishra says: 5/02/2013

Than to share this valuable article , of course it will help to new bloggers, image optimization in blogging plays an important role , as images are the best place for alternate keywords..
here I have also described some tips for image optimization in my blog

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