Add Twitter Timeline Widget on your Blogger or Wordpress Site

Add Twitter Timeline Widget on your Blogger or Wordpress Site

Twitter Timeline
Twitter has introduced a new Twitter timeline widget for Blogger and Wordpress platform. Adding this time line is very easy and it will make your site more eye catching. Twitter timeline widget offers good number of customization's  So now I am going to explaining below how to add the new Twitter timeline widget on your site.

Step 1 Go to the Create Widget page and log in to your account.
Step 2 Now Click on widget and Click on Create Widget from top right corner.
Step 3 You’ll see 4 main tabs at the top under the heading ‘Choose a timeline source

 twitter widget
Step 4 Select User Timeline and fill up the required details like username (favourites list/keyword), height of the widget, link color, etc.
Step 5 If you want tailored suggestions (i.e. who to follow, similar interests, etc) from Twitter then leave the check box unchecked.
Step 6 On the right hand side you can see the preview, so you can tinker with the options based on the result from time-to-time.
Step 7 Finally Click the ‘Create Widget‘ button and copy the HTML code from the textbox.
Step 8 Finally add a gadget ‘HTML’ in blogger layout and paste the code and save it.
So that’s it. Now you can see a beautiful Twitter Timeline widget on your site with your latest tweets.
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Great Tutorial!!! thanks

Kevin Rye says: 2/12/2013

Not actually that helpful unless you know how to use HTML - which was what I was looking for.

Mohammad Rabbi says: 2/12/2013

Bro for this widget you will get the HTML code from given link above. But for few weeks this widget doesn't working on blog/website.But you can see the preview in Twitter site. May be Twitter is updating.

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