Font Awesome Cheatsheet


There are different versions of Font Awesome released time to time. With every new released version you will get new sets of icons. This is very good news for Font Awesome users that they are enriching their library by including various icons. However Font Awesome user must use the icon code for displaying the icons properly. And it is not possible to remember the all icon's code. So for the convenience of user I have included all latest Font Awesome 4.5.0 Icon, CSS Class, & Unicode thus any user can easily find the code  and use it in their website. Remember that versions released after certain period of time so when new version will release then I will add latest version with more icons. You can print this page for further use. Just copy the icons code from below table directly and paste it into your Blogger templates  or WordPress themes.

Font Awesome Version 4.7.0 Icon, CSS Class, & Unicode

4.4 fa-500px [f26e]
4.7 fa-address-book [f2b9]
4.7 fa-address-book-o [f2ba]
4.7 fa-address-card [f2bb]
4.7 fa-address-card-o [f2bc]
fa-adjust [f042]
fa-adn [f170]
fa-align-center [f037]
fa-align-justify [f039]
fa-align-left [f036]
fa-align-right [f038]
4.4 fa-amazon [f270]
fa-ambulance [f0f9]
4.6 fa-american-sign-language-interpreting [f2a3]
fa-anchor [f13d]
fa-android [f17b]
4.2 fa-angellist [f209]
fa-angle-double-down [f103]
fa-angle-double-left [f100]
fa-angle-double-right [f101]
fa-angle-double-up [f102]
fa-angle-down [f107]
fa-angle-left [f104]
fa-angle-right [f105]
fa-angle-up [f106]
fa-apple [f179]
fa-archive [f187]
4.2 fa-area-chart [f1fe]
fa-arrow-circle-down [f0ab]
fa-arrow-circle-left [f0a8]
fa-arrow-circle-o-down [f01a]
4.0 fa-arrow-circle-o-left [f190]
4.0 fa-arrow-circle-o-right [f18e]
fa-arrow-circle-o-up [f01b]
fa-arrow-circle-right [f0a9]
fa-arrow-circle-up [f0aa]
fa-arrow-down [f063]
fa-arrow-left [f060]
fa-arrow-right [f061]
fa-arrow-up [f062]
fa-arrows [f047]
fa-arrows-alt [f0b2]
fa-arrows-h [f07e]
fa-arrows-v [f07d]
4.6 fa-asl-interpreting (alias) [f2a3]
4.6 fa-assistive-listening-systems [f2a2]
fa-asterisk [f069]
4.2 fa-at [f1fa]
4.6 fa-audio-description [f29e]
4.1 fa-automobile (alias) [f1b9]
fa-backward [f04a]
4.4 fa-balance-scale [f24e]
fa-ban [f05e]
4.7 fa-bandcamp [f2d5]
4.1 fa-bank (alias) [f19c]
fa-bar-chart [f080]
fa-bar-chart-o (alias) [f080]
fa-barcode [f02a]
fa-bars [f0c9]
4.7 fa-bath [f2cd]
4.7 fa-bathtub (alias) [f2cd]
4.4 fa-battery (alias) [f240]
4.4 fa-battery-0 (alias) [f244]
4.4 fa-battery-1 (alias) [f243]
4.4 fa-battery-2 (alias) [f242]
4.4 fa-battery-3 (alias) [f241]
4.4 fa-battery-4 (alias) [f240]
4.4 fa-battery-empty [f244]
4.4 fa-battery-full [f240]
4.4 fa-battery-half [f242]
4.4 fa-battery-quarter [f243]
4.4 fa-battery-three-quarters [f241]
4.3 fa-bed [f236]
fa-beer [f0fc]
4.1 fa-behance [f1b4]
4.1 fa-behance-square [f1b5]
fa-bell [f0f3]
fa-bell-o [f0a2]
4.2 fa-bell-slash [f1f6]
4.2 fa-bell-slash-o [f1f7]
4.2 fa-bicycle [f206]
4.2 fa-binoculars [f1e5]
4.2 fa-birthday-cake [f1fd]
fa-bitbucket [f171]
fa-bitbucket-square [f172]
fa-bitcoin (alias) [f15a]
4.4 fa-black-tie [f27e]
4.6 fa-blind [f29d]
4.5 fa-bluetooth [f293]
4.5 fa-bluetooth-b [f294]
fa-bold [f032]
fa-bolt [f0e7]
4.1 fa-bomb [f1e2]
fa-book [f02d]
fa-bookmark [f02e]
fa-bookmark-o [f097]
4.6 fa-braille [f2a1]
fa-briefcase [f0b1]
fa-btc [f15a]
fa-bug [f188]
4.1 fa-building [f1ad]
fa-building-o [f0f7]
fa-bullhorn [f0a1]
fa-bullseye [f140]
4.2 fa-bus [f207]
4.3 fa-buysellads [f20d]
4.1 fa-cab (alias) [f1ba]
4.2 fa-calculator [f1ec]
fa-calendar [f073]
4.4 fa-calendar-check-o [f274]
4.4 fa-calendar-minus-o [f272]
fa-calendar-o [f133]
4.4 fa-calendar-plus-o [f271]
4.4 fa-calendar-times-o [f273]
fa-camera [f030]
fa-camera-retro [f083]
4.1 fa-car [f1b9]
fa-caret-down [f0d7]
fa-caret-left [f0d9]
fa-caret-right [f0da]
fa-caret-square-o-down [f150]
4.0 fa-caret-square-o-left [f191]
fa-caret-square-o-right [f152]
fa-caret-square-o-up [f151]
fa-caret-up [f0d8]
4.3 fa-cart-arrow-down [f218]
4.3 fa-cart-plus [f217]
4.2 fa-cc [f20a]
4.2 fa-cc-amex [f1f3]
4.4 fa-cc-diners-club [f24c]
4.2 fa-cc-discover [f1f2]
4.4 fa-cc-jcb [f24b]
4.2 fa-cc-mastercard [f1f1]
4.2 fa-cc-paypal [f1f4]
4.2 fa-cc-stripe [f1f5]
4.2 fa-cc-visa [f1f0]
fa-certificate [f0a3]
fa-chain (alias) [f0c1]
fa-chain-broken [f127]
fa-check [f00c]
fa-check-circle [f058]
fa-check-circle-o [f05d]
fa-check-square [f14a]
fa-check-square-o [f046]
fa-chevron-circle-down [f13a]
fa-chevron-circle-left [f137]
fa-chevron-circle-right [f138]
fa-chevron-circle-up [f139]
fa-chevron-down [f078]
fa-chevron-left [f053]
fa-chevron-right [f054]
fa-chevron-up [f077]
4.1 fa-child [f1ae]
4.4 fa-chrome [f268]
fa-circle [f111]
fa-circle-o [f10c]
4.1 fa-circle-o-notch [f1ce]
4.1 fa-circle-thin [f1db]
fa-clipboard [f0ea]
fa-clock-o [f017]
4.4 fa-clone [f24d]
fa-close (alias) [f00d]
fa-cloud [f0c2]
fa-cloud-download [f0ed]
fa-cloud-upload [f0ee]
fa-cny (alias) [f157]
fa-code [f121]
fa-code-fork [f126]
4.1 fa-codepen [f1cb]
4.5 fa-codiepie [f284]
fa-coffee [f0f4]
fa-cog [f013]
fa-cogs [f085]
fa-columns [f0db]
fa-comment [f075]
fa-comment-o [f0e5]
4.4 fa-commenting [f27a]
4.4 fa-commenting-o [f27b]
fa-comments [f086]
fa-comments-o [f0e6]
fa-compass [f14e]
fa-compress [f066]
4.3 fa-connectdevelop [f20e]
4.4 fa-contao [f26d]
fa-copy (alias) [f0c5]
4.2 fa-copyright [f1f9]
4.4 fa-creative-commons [f25e]
fa-credit-card [f09d]
4.5 fa-credit-card-alt [f283]
fa-crop [f125]
fa-crosshairs [f05b]
fa-css3 [f13c]
4.1 fa-cube [f1b2]
4.1 fa-cubes [f1b3]
fa-cut (alias) [f0c4]
fa-cutlery [f0f5]
fa-dashboard (alias) [f0e4]
4.3 fa-dashcube [f210]
4.1 fa-database [f1c0]
4.6 fa-deaf [f2a4]
4.6 fa-deafness (alias) [f2a4]
fa-dedent (alias) [f03b]
4.1 fa-delicious [f1a5]
fa-desktop [f108]
4.1 fa-deviantart [f1bd]
4.3 fa-diamond [f219]
4.1 fa-digg [f1a6]
fa-dollar (alias) [f155]
4.0 fa-dot-circle-o [f192]
fa-download [f019]
fa-dribbble [f17d]
4.7 fa-drivers-license (alias) [f2c2]
4.7 fa-drivers-license-o (alias) [f2c3]
fa-dropbox [f16b]
4.1 fa-drupal [f1a9]
4.5 fa-edge [f282]
fa-edit (alias) [f044]
4.7 fa-eercast [f2da]
fa-eject [f052]
fa-ellipsis-h [f141]
fa-ellipsis-v [f142]
4.1 fa-empire [f1d1]
fa-envelope [f0e0]
fa-envelope-o [f003]
4.7 fa-envelope-open [f2b6]
4.7 fa-envelope-open-o [f2b7]
4.1 fa-envelope-square [f199]
4.6 fa-envira [f299]
fa-eraser [f12d]
4.7 fa-etsy [f2d7]
fa-eur [f153]
fa-euro (alias) [f153]
fa-exchange [f0ec]
fa-exclamation [f12a]
fa-exclamation-circle [f06a]
fa-exclamation-triangle [f071]
fa-expand [f065]
4.4 fa-expeditedssl [f23e]
fa-external-link [f08e]
fa-external-link-square [f14c]
fa-eye [f06e]
fa-eye-slash [f070]
4.2 fa-eyedropper [f1fb]
4.6 fa-fa (alias) [f2b4]
fa-facebook [f09a]
fa-facebook-f (alias) [f09a]
4.3 fa-facebook-official [f230]
fa-facebook-square [f082]
fa-fast-backward [f049]
fa-fast-forward [f050]
4.1 fa-fax [f1ac]
fa-feed (alias) [f09e]
fa-female [f182]
fa-fighter-jet [f0fb]
fa-file [f15b]
4.1 fa-file-archive-o [f1c6]
4.1 fa-file-audio-o [f1c7]
4.1 fa-file-code-o [f1c9]
4.1 fa-file-excel-o [f1c3]
4.1 fa-file-image-o [f1c5]
4.1 fa-file-movie-o (alias) [f1c8]
fa-file-o [f016]
4.1 fa-file-pdf-o [f1c1]
4.1 fa-file-photo-o (alias) [f1c5]
4.1 fa-file-picture-o (alias) [f1c5]
4.1 fa-file-powerpoint-o [f1c4]
4.1 fa-file-sound-o (alias) [f1c7]
fa-file-text [f15c]
fa-file-text-o [f0f6]
4.1 fa-file-video-o [f1c8]
4.1 fa-file-word-o [f1c2]
4.1 fa-file-zip-o (alias) [f1c6]
fa-files-o [f0c5]
fa-film [f008]
fa-filter [f0b0]
fa-fire [f06d]
fa-fire-extinguisher [f134]
4.4 fa-firefox [f269]
4.6 fa-first-order [f2b0]
fa-flag [f024]
fa-flag-checkered [f11e]
fa-flag-o [f11d]
fa-flash (alias) [f0e7]
fa-flask [f0c3]
fa-flickr [f16e]
fa-floppy-o [f0c7]
fa-folder [f07b]
fa-folder-o [f114]
fa-folder-open [f07c]
fa-folder-open-o [f115]
fa-font [f031]
4.6 fa-font-awesome [f2b4]
4.4 fa-fonticons [f280]
4.5 fa-fort-awesome [f286]
4.3 fa-forumbee [f211]
fa-forward [f04e]
fa-foursquare [f180]
4.7 fa-free-code-camp [f2c5]
fa-frown-o [f119]
4.2 fa-futbol-o [f1e3]
fa-gamepad [f11b]
fa-gavel [f0e3]
fa-gbp [f154]
4.1 fa-ge (alias) [f1d1]
fa-gear (alias) [f013]
fa-gears (alias) [f085]
4.4 fa-genderless [f22d]
4.4 fa-get-pocket [f265]
4.4 fa-gg [f260]
4.4 fa-gg-circle [f261]
fa-gift [f06b]
4.1 fa-git [f1d3]
4.1 fa-git-square [f1d2]
fa-github [f09b]
fa-github-alt [f113]
fa-github-square [f092]
4.6 fa-gitlab [f296]
fa-gittip (alias) [f184]
fa-glass [f000]
4.6 fa-glide [f2a5]
4.6 fa-glide-g [f2a6]
fa-globe [f0ac]
4.1 fa-google [f1a0]
fa-google-plus [f0d5]
4.6 fa-google-plus-circle (alias) [f2b3]
4.6 fa-google-plus-official [f2b3]
fa-google-plus-square [f0d4]
4.2 fa-google-wallet [f1ee]
4.1 fa-graduation-cap [f19d]
fa-gratipay [f184]
4.7 fa-grav [f2d6]
fa-group (alias) [f0c0]
fa-h-square [f0fd]
4.1 fa-hacker-news [f1d4]
4.4 fa-hand-grab-o (alias) [f255]
4.4 fa-hand-lizard-o [f258]
fa-hand-o-down [f0a7]
fa-hand-o-left [f0a5]
fa-hand-o-right [f0a4]
fa-hand-o-up [f0a6]
4.4 fa-hand-paper-o [f256]
4.4 fa-hand-peace-o [f25b]
4.4 fa-hand-pointer-o [f25a]
4.4 fa-hand-rock-o [f255]
4.4 fa-hand-scissors-o [f257]
4.4 fa-hand-spock-o [f259]
4.4 fa-hand-stop-o (alias) [f256]
4.7 fa-handshake-o [f2b5]
4.6 fa-hard-of-hearing (alias) [f2a4]
4.5 fa-hashtag [f292]
fa-hdd-o [f0a0]
4.1 fa-header [f1dc]
fa-headphones [f025]
fa-heart [f004]
fa-heart-o [f08a]
4.3 fa-heartbeat [f21e]
4.1 fa-history [f1da]
fa-home [f015]
fa-hospital-o [f0f8]
4.3 fa-hotel (alias) [f236]
4.4 fa-hourglass [f254]
4.4 fa-hourglass-1 (alias) [f251]
4.4 fa-hourglass-2 (alias) [f252]
4.4 fa-hourglass-3 (alias) [f253]
4.4 fa-hourglass-end [f253]
4.4 fa-hourglass-half [f252]
4.4 fa-hourglass-o [f250]
4.4 fa-hourglass-start [f251]
4.4 fa-houzz [f27c]
fa-html5 [f13b]
4.4 fa-i-cursor [f246]
4.7 fa-id-badge [f2c1]
4.7 fa-id-card [f2c2]
4.7 fa-id-card-o [f2c3]
4.2 fa-ils [f20b]
fa-image (alias) [f03e]
4.7 fa-imdb [f2d8]
fa-inbox [f01c]
fa-indent [f03c]
4.4 fa-industry [f275]
fa-info [f129]
fa-info-circle [f05a]
fa-inr [f156]
4.6 fa-instagram [f16d]
4.1 fa-institution (alias) [f19c]
4.4 fa-internet-explorer [f26b]
4.3 fa-intersex (alias) [f224]
4.2 fa-ioxhost [f208]
fa-italic [f033]
4.1 fa-joomla [f1aa]
fa-jpy [f157]
4.1 fa-jsfiddle [f1cc]
fa-key [f084]
fa-keyboard-o [f11c]
fa-krw [f159]
4.1 fa-language [f1ab]
fa-laptop [f109]
4.2 fa-lastfm [f202]
4.2 fa-lastfm-square [f203]
fa-leaf [f06c]
4.3 fa-leanpub [f212]
fa-legal (alias) [f0e3]
fa-lemon-o [f094]
fa-level-down [f149]
fa-level-up [f148]
4.1 fa-life-bouy (alias) [f1cd]
4.1 fa-life-buoy (alias) [f1cd]
4.1 fa-life-ring [f1cd]
4.1 fa-life-saver (alias) [f1cd]
fa-lightbulb-o [f0eb]
4.2 fa-line-chart [f201]
fa-link [f0c1]
fa-linkedin [f0e1]
fa-linkedin-square [f08c]
4.7 fa-linode [f2b8]
fa-linux [f17c]
fa-list [f03a]
fa-list-alt [f022]
fa-list-ol [f0cb]
fa-list-ul [f0ca]
fa-location-arrow [f124]
fa-lock [f023]
fa-long-arrow-down [f175]
fa-long-arrow-left [f177]
fa-long-arrow-right [f178]
fa-long-arrow-up [f176]
4.6 fa-low-vision [f2a8]
fa-magic [f0d0]
fa-magnet [f076]
fa-mail-forward (alias) [f064]
fa-mail-reply (alias) [f112]
fa-mail-reply-all (alias) [f122]
fa-male [f183]
4.4 fa-map [f279]
fa-map-marker [f041]
4.4 fa-map-o [f278]
4.4 fa-map-pin [f276]
4.4 fa-map-signs [f277]
4.3 fa-mars [f222]
4.3 fa-mars-double [f227]
4.3 fa-mars-stroke [f229]
4.3 fa-mars-stroke-h [f22b]
4.3 fa-mars-stroke-v [f22a]
fa-maxcdn [f136]
4.2 fa-meanpath [f20c]
4.3 fa-medium [f23a]
fa-medkit [f0fa]
4.7 fa-meetup [f2e0]
fa-meh-o [f11a]
4.3 fa-mercury [f223]
4.7 fa-microchip [f2db]
fa-microphone [f130]
fa-microphone-slash [f131]
fa-minus [f068]
fa-minus-circle [f056]
fa-minus-square [f146]
fa-minus-square-o [f147]
4.5 fa-mixcloud [f289]
fa-mobile [f10b]
fa-mobile-phone (alias) [f10b]
4.5 fa-modx [f285]
fa-money [f0d6]
fa-moon-o [f186]
4.1 fa-mortar-board (alias) [f19d]
4.3 fa-motorcycle [f21c]
4.4 fa-mouse-pointer [f245]
fa-music [f001]
fa-navicon (alias) [f0c9]
4.3 fa-neuter [f22c]
4.2 fa-newspaper-o [f1ea]
4.4 fa-object-group [f247]
4.4 fa-object-ungroup [f248]
4.4 fa-odnoklassniki [f263]
4.4 fa-odnoklassniki-square [f264]
4.4 fa-opencart [f23d]
4.1 fa-openid [f19b]
4.4 fa-opera [f26a]
4.4 fa-optin-monster [f23c]
fa-outdent [f03b]
4.0 fa-pagelines [f18c]
4.2 fa-paint-brush [f1fc]
4.1 fa-paper-plane [f1d8]
4.1 fa-paper-plane-o [f1d9]
fa-paperclip [f0c6]
4.1 fa-paragraph [f1dd]
fa-paste (alias) [f0ea]
fa-pause [f04c]
4.5 fa-pause-circle [f28b]
4.5 fa-pause-circle-o [f28c]
4.1 fa-paw [f1b0]
4.2 fa-paypal [f1ed]
fa-pencil [f040]
fa-pencil-square [f14b]
fa-pencil-square-o [f044]
4.5 fa-percent [f295]
fa-phone [f095]
fa-phone-square [f098]
fa-photo (alias) [f03e]
fa-picture-o [f03e]
4.2 fa-pie-chart [f200]
4.6 fa-pied-piper [f2ae]
4.1 fa-pied-piper-alt [f1a8]
4.1 fa-pied-piper-pp [f1a7]
fa-pinterest [f0d2]
4.3 fa-pinterest-p [f231]
fa-pinterest-square [f0d3]
fa-plane [f072]
fa-play [f04b]
fa-play-circle [f144]
fa-play-circle-o [f01d]
4.2 fa-plug [f1e6]
fa-plus [f067]
fa-plus-circle [f055]
fa-plus-square [f0fe]
4.0 fa-plus-square-o [f196]
4.7 fa-podcast [f2ce]
fa-power-off [f011]
fa-print [f02f]
4.5 fa-product-hunt [f288]
fa-puzzle-piece [f12e]
4.1 fa-qq [f1d6]
fa-qrcode [f029]
fa-question [f128]
fa-question-circle [f059]
4.6 fa-question-circle-o [f29c]
4.7 fa-quora [f2c4]
fa-quote-left [f10d]
fa-quote-right [f10e]
4.1 fa-ra (alias) [f1d0]
fa-random [f074]
4.7 fa-ravelry [f2d9]
4.1 fa-rebel [f1d0]
4.1 fa-recycle [f1b8]
4.1 fa-reddit [f1a1]
4.5 fa-reddit-alien [f281]
4.1 fa-reddit-square [f1a2]
fa-refresh [f021]
4.4 fa-registered [f25d]
fa-remove (alias) [f00d]
fa-renren [f18b]
fa-reorder (alias) [f0c9]
fa-repeat [f01e]
fa-reply [f112]
fa-reply-all [f122]
4.1 fa-resistance (alias) [f1d0]
fa-retweet [f079]
fa-rmb (alias) [f157]
fa-road [f018]
fa-rocket [f135]
fa-rotate-left (alias) [f0e2]
fa-rotate-right (alias) [f01e]
4.0 fa-rouble (alias) [f158]
fa-rss [f09e]
fa-rss-square [f143]
4.0 fa-rub [f158]
4.0 fa-ruble (alias) [f158]
fa-rupee (alias) [f156]
4.7 fa-s15 (alias) [f2cd]
4.4 fa-safari [f267]
fa-save (alias) [f0c7]
fa-scissors [f0c4]
4.5 fa-scribd [f28a]
fa-search [f002]
fa-search-minus [f010]
fa-search-plus [f00e]
4.3 fa-sellsy [f213]
4.1 fa-send (alias) [f1d8]
4.1 fa-send-o (alias) [f1d9]
4.3 fa-server [f233]
fa-share [f064]
4.1 fa-share-alt [f1e0]
4.1 fa-share-alt-square [f1e1]
fa-share-square [f14d]
fa-share-square-o [f045]
4.2 fa-shekel (alias) [f20b]
4.2 fa-sheqel (alias) [f20b]
fa-shield [f132]
4.3 fa-ship [f21a]
4.3 fa-shirtsinbulk [f214]
4.5 fa-shopping-bag [f290]
4.5 fa-shopping-basket [f291]
fa-shopping-cart [f07a]
4.7 fa-shower [f2cc]
fa-sign-in [f090]
4.6 fa-sign-language [f2a7]
fa-sign-out [f08b]
fa-signal [f012]
4.6 fa-signing (alias) [f2a7]
4.3 fa-simplybuilt [f215]
fa-sitemap [f0e8]
4.3 fa-skyatlas [f216]
fa-skype [f17e]
4.1 fa-slack [f198]
4.1 fa-sliders [f1de]
4.2 fa-slideshare [f1e7]
fa-smile-o [f118]
4.6 fa-snapchat [f2ab]
4.6 fa-snapchat-ghost [f2ac]
4.6 fa-snapchat-square [f2ad]
4.7 fa-snowflake-o [f2dc]
4.2 fa-soccer-ball-o (alias) [f1e3]
fa-sort [f0dc]
fa-sort-alpha-asc [f15d]
fa-sort-alpha-desc [f15e]
fa-sort-amount-asc [f160]
fa-sort-amount-desc [f161]
fa-sort-asc [f0de]
fa-sort-desc [f0dd]
fa-sort-down (alias) [f0dd]
fa-sort-numeric-asc [f162]
fa-sort-numeric-desc [f163]
fa-sort-up (alias) [f0de]
4.1 fa-soundcloud [f1be]
4.1 fa-space-shuttle [f197]
fa-spinner [f110]
4.1 fa-spoon [f1b1]
4.1 fa-spotify [f1bc]
fa-square [f0c8]
fa-square-o [f096]
4.0 fa-stack-exchange [f18d]
fa-stack-overflow [f16c]
fa-star [f005]
fa-star-half [f089]
fa-star-half-empty (alias) [f123]
fa-star-half-full (alias) [f123]
fa-star-half-o [f123]
fa-star-o [f006]
4.1 fa-steam [f1b6]
4.1 fa-steam-square [f1b7]
fa-step-backward [f048]
fa-step-forward [f051]
fa-stethoscope [f0f1]
4.4 fa-sticky-note [f249]
4.4 fa-sticky-note-o [f24a]
fa-stop [f04d]
4.5 fa-stop-circle [f28d]
4.5 fa-stop-circle-o [f28e]
4.3 fa-street-view [f21d]
fa-strikethrough [f0cc]
4.1 fa-stumbleupon [f1a4]
4.1 fa-stumbleupon-circle [f1a3]
fa-subscript [f12c]
4.3 fa-subway [f239]
fa-suitcase [f0f2]
fa-sun-o [f185]
4.7 fa-superpowers [f2dd]
fa-superscript [f12b]
4.1 fa-support (alias) [f1cd]
fa-table [f0ce]
fa-tablet [f10a]
fa-tachometer [f0e4]
fa-tag [f02b]
fa-tags [f02c]
fa-tasks [f0ae]
4.1 fa-taxi [f1ba]
4.7 fa-telegram [f2c6]
4.4 fa-television [f26c]
4.1 fa-tencent-weibo [f1d5]
fa-terminal [f120]
fa-text-height [f034]
fa-text-width [f035]
fa-th [f00a]
fa-th-large [f009]
fa-th-list [f00b]
4.6 fa-themeisle [f2b2]
4.7 fa-thermometer (alias) [f2c7]
4.7 fa-thermometer-0 (alias) [f2cb]
4.7 fa-thermometer-1 (alias) [f2ca]
4.7 fa-thermometer-2 (alias) [f2c9]
4.7 fa-thermometer-3 (alias) [f2c8]
4.7 fa-thermometer-4 (alias) [f2c7]
4.7 fa-thermometer-empty [f2cb]
4.7 fa-thermometer-full [f2c7]
4.7 fa-thermometer-half [f2c9]
4.7 fa-thermometer-quarter [f2ca]
4.7 fa-thermometer-three-quarters [f2c8]
fa-thumb-tack [f08d]
fa-thumbs-down [f165]
fa-thumbs-o-down [f088]
fa-thumbs-o-up [f087]
fa-thumbs-up [f164]
fa-ticket [f145]
fa-times [f00d]
fa-times-circle [f057]
fa-times-circle-o [f05c]
4.7 fa-times-rectangle (alias) [f2d3]
4.7 fa-times-rectangle-o (alias) [f2d4]
fa-tint [f043]
fa-toggle-down (alias) [f150]
4.0 fa-toggle-left (alias) [f191]
4.2 fa-toggle-off [f204]
4.2 fa-toggle-on [f205]
fa-toggle-right (alias) [f152]
fa-toggle-up (alias) [f151]
4.4 fa-trademark [f25c]
4.3 fa-train [f238]
4.3 fa-transgender [f224]
4.3 fa-transgender-alt [f225]
4.2 fa-trash [f1f8]
fa-trash-o [f014]
4.1 fa-tree [f1bb]
fa-trello [f181]
4.4 fa-tripadvisor [f262]
fa-trophy [f091]
fa-truck [f0d1]
4.0 fa-try [f195]
4.2 fa-tty [f1e4]
fa-tumblr [f173]
fa-tumblr-square [f174]
4.0 fa-turkish-lira (alias) [f195]
4.4 fa-tv (alias) [f26c]
4.2 fa-twitch [f1e8]
fa-twitter [f099]
fa-twitter-square [f081]
fa-umbrella [f0e9]
fa-underline [f0cd]
fa-undo [f0e2]
4.6 fa-universal-access [f29a]
4.1 fa-university [f19c]
fa-unlink (alias) [f127]
fa-unlock [f09c]
fa-unlock-alt [f13e]
fa-unsorted (alias) [f0dc]
fa-upload [f093]
4.5 fa-usb [f287]
fa-usd [f155]
fa-user [f007]
4.7 fa-user-circle [f2bd]
4.7 fa-user-circle-o [f2be]
fa-user-md [f0f0]
4.7 fa-user-o [f2c0]
4.3 fa-user-plus [f234]
4.3 fa-user-secret [f21b]
4.3 fa-user-times [f235]
fa-users [f0c0]
4.7 fa-vcard (alias) [f2bb]
4.7 fa-vcard-o (alias) [f2bc]
4.3 fa-venus [f221]
4.3 fa-venus-double [f226]
4.3 fa-venus-mars [f228]
4.3 fa-viacoin [f237]
4.6 fa-viadeo [f2a9]
4.6 fa-viadeo-square [f2aa]
fa-video-camera [f03d]
4.4 fa-vimeo [f27d]
4.0 fa-vimeo-square [f194]
4.1 fa-vine [f1ca]
fa-vk [f189]
4.6 fa-volume-control-phone [f2a0]
fa-volume-down [f027]
fa-volume-off [f026]
fa-volume-up [f028]
fa-warning (alias) [f071]
4.1 fa-wechat (alias) [f1d7]
fa-weibo [f18a]
4.1 fa-weixin [f1d7]
4.3 fa-whatsapp [f232]
4.0 fa-wheelchair [f193]
4.6 fa-wheelchair-alt [f29b]
4.2 fa-wifi [f1eb]
4.4 fa-wikipedia-w [f266]
4.7 fa-window-close [f2d3]
4.7 fa-window-close-o [f2d4]
4.7 fa-window-maximize [f2d0]
4.7 fa-window-minimize [f2d1]
4.7 fa-window-restore [f2d2]
fa-windows [f17a]
fa-won (alias) [f159]
4.1 fa-wordpress [f19a]
4.6 fa-wpbeginner [f297]
4.7 fa-wpexplorer [f2de]
4.6 fa-wpforms [f298]
fa-wrench [f0ad]
fa-xing [f168]
fa-xing-square [f169]
4.4 fa-y-combinator [f23b]
4.1 fa-y-combinator-square (alias) [f1d4]
4.1 fa-yahoo [f19e]
4.4 fa-yc (alias) [f23b]
4.1 fa-yc-square (alias) [f1d4]
4.2 fa-yelp [f1e9]
fa-yen (alias) [f157]
4.6 fa-yoast [f2b1]
fa-youtube [f167]
fa-youtube-play [f16a]
fa-youtube-square [f166]

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darun vai eta theke ekta new jinis buhjlam ,

Font awesome use korle ekhan theke icon code easily add korte parba.

ভাই আপনাকে ধন্যবাদ নিতে ছোট করবো। কারণ হলো আপনি নতুনদের জন্য অনেক সুন্দর একটি টিপস শেয়ার করেছেন যা সকলে কাজে আসবে।

Ji Anwar Vai aaita Font Awesome based template a support korbe. Amat maximum template Font Awesome diye create kora. Tai easily je kono icon er code use kore display kora jabe.

Rabbo vai apnake many many thanks

I can't believe they don't have an icon of a tyrannosaurus rex playing with a butterfly!

Hi Pete Goode,
Still they didn't included many Branded icons should include. Even you won't find many social network site's and video hosting site's icons. e.g. Daily Motion.

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