Blogger Lab Full Width Version Responsive Template

Blogger Lab Full Width Version Responsive Template

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Blogger template

After successful response from user I have released today Blogger Lab v1.1 and also releasing Blogger Lab Full width v1.1. I hope this template will give you best user experience. I have fixed all bugs. And Pure Font Awesome based icons used on various part of the template. Hope you would like it.

page speed
Blogger Lab Full Width Responsive Template
Version: 1.1
Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
Release date : 26th May 2015
Author : Mohammad Fazle Rabbi
License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Some Features that has incorporated with this beautiful template-
Responsive Template DesignYes Check
Unlimited color Changeable optionYes
SEO friendlyYes
Fast LoadingYes Check
Auto Blog Post summarize And Read More ButtonYes
Auto Image Crop With Thumbnail (Home Page and Label Page Only)Yes
Dynamic HeadingYes
CSS And HTML Base Menu With Drop down (Superfish)Yes
Sidebar Tabs Widgets ready (Powered By Jquery)Yes
User Friendly JASON Search BoxYes
2 Column StyleYes
Beautiful Layout StyleYes
Clean TypographyYes
Custom Official RSS Subscription WidgetYes
Font Awesome 4.3.0 based icons (Latest Version)Yes
CSS Based Social Share Widget (Placed Post Footer) Yes
Ads Banner ReadyYes
Post RatingYes
Related Posts with ThumbYes
Social Share ButtonYes
Numbered Page NavigationYes
Flicker Image GalleryYes
Bouncing back To TopYes
Meta Keywords And Description Support (Official Meta Description Support)Yes
Multi Author SupportedYes
Unique Comment SystemYes
Custom 404 PageYes
Well DocumentationYes


For installing this template please visit the below tutorial and follow 2nd Method only-

Need Help?

Blogger Lab Full Width Version Responsive Template download zip file included A to Z Blogger blog Creation to Theme Instillation Help. So New Blogger’s And Professional Blogger Can Understand How to Work with this Blogger Template. If You Use My Theme and Need Help from Me I'll do my best to assist you. I Online 8 Hours Per day so leave a comment below or send me email. My Time one GMT + 6:00). For SEO related open discussion you can write in comment section. Thank you.


This free Blogger template is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, which permits both personal and commercial use.

However, to satisfy the 'attribution' clause of the license, you are required to keep the footer links intact which provides due credit to its authors. For more specific details about the license, you may visit the URL below:

responsive tempalte


There are some problem with in template installation. Because this template build with HTML2 so sometimes problem may arise. So here is some pre solution for installing the template accurately.
  • Question: My Template is showing Double Post?
  • Answer: This can be happen due to older template's code mixed with new template HTML code. So to solve the issue you have to make a clean installation. That means you have to remove all previous code of your older template and after that add the new template code. For details tutorial please visit the below Tutorial link and follow the 2nd method. 

  • Question: No post content  is displaying while clicking on Post link?
  • Answer: This problem may arise but the solution is very simple. Just follow the below steps-
Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Click on -> Template -> Edit HTML->

Step 3
 Now find Blog1 or Blog2 by pressing Ctrl+F (Windows) or CMD+F (Mac) 

Step 4 Now replace Blog1 with Blog2. If you find Blog2 then replace Blog2 with Blog1.

Step 5 hit the Save template button. And check you template and see your post content is displaying.

I hope question from your guys thus I can give solution while you are using my template. Thank you.

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osadharon ekti template share korlen vai color ta darun hoyeche ..

Thanks Aslam.. :baby

i cant download this template .... :dont-know

Hi Mayen Download link is working well.. try with different browser.

helpful thak you very much

i face a problem about this template. i send a screenshoot of that problem on facebook.

Hi Saidur..

Apni nicer code ta search koron abong sekhan theke background-color:#FEFEFE; code ta background-color:#dfd0a1; diye change koron.


abar nicer code ta search koron

#post-wrapper .innerwrap{padding:0 10px;}

aaita replace kore nicer code add koron

#post-wrapper .innerwrap{padding:0 10px;background-color:#dfd0a1;}

hope it will work now.

গুগোলে লিখে সার্চ দিলে টাইটেল এর পরে ব্লগের ডিসক্রিপশন আসে না , আর read more এ ক্লিক করার পর পোস্ট এর লেখা বড় করতে চাই।

Please follow the tutorial from below link-

for increasing Font please addd below link before closing b:skin


what is b:skin? please details.

Copy the script from below and Paste it above/before ]]></b:skin>


ami to eta chai ny. ami chaichi j read more a jowar por likha ta jeno boro dakhay. apnar solution a home page a likha boro dakhay & read more a gela likha ager moto choto dakhay. ami home page a likha choto r read more a jawar por likha boro dakhta chai.

in the post so that writing can be big, bold and italic how to edit it. I already create a big, bold and italic but always save so little writing on the post. thanks

in the post so that writing can be big, bold and italic how to edit it. I already create a big, bold and italic but always save so little writing on the post. thanks

Hi Ferdina
I can't understand what exactly you want to say. Do you want to increase/decrease Font size of this template???

if you wish you can write your own native language (Indonesian). Please write clearly. :t

Selamın aleyküm brother I install this theme, but the next button is malfunctioning.
have the same problem the next button on your site is malfunctioning.
How to solve this problem it is the reason?
I'm waiting for a response from you. please help me

Walaikumus Salam Brother Baris Vatansever..I think Blogger platform has updated. For this reason Ajax file is not functioning properly. So you have to disable the Ajax file.

Please go to your Blogger Dashboard -> Edit Html

Now locate below code

Prev",next:"Next &#187;",loadAjax:true,

Now simply alter loadAjax:true with loadAjax:false

It page navigation will work now. However this is a temporary solution. I will work for further solution. Thank for the information. :wr

Very very Thank you brother loadAjax true change loadAjax:false and the problem was solved :up :lo |o| I'll follow you to solve the problem of loading gif.
you let me know if there is a solution have please.
I am going to be so happy... brother

I want to ask you something brother.
I want to remove the top title LATEST POST.
right. column 3 title Popular and comments. category. how can I do it ?
If you help me. I would be very happy.
Thank you in advance. brother
You can come and see what I want to do my blog. my. blog name Blogdan indir

Hi Baria, For removing Latest post please Edit your template and locate script like below and delete it.

<div class='innerwrap'>
<div class='drop-menu'>
<div><div class='menuitem'><a class='itemexpend' href='#'>
<div class='hidden' id='droplabel'></div>
<script type='text/javascript'>

You can remove Popular posts and comment from Blogger Layout section. But you can't remove the tab. Because the tab script is encoded with other script. If you delete then template will break. I did this for script protection. :as

Suddenly Ajax based all widget stop working in Blogger platform. This problem has arises from Google Blogger.

different codes bro
theme gives an error

I want to add three topic which are popular editions, comments and categories on top of the left column.
And can we change the codes.
Can you please help me about this issues ?

sorry bro. I wrote wrong. left column
I want to add three topic which are popular editions, comments and categories on top of the right column.
And can we change the codes.
Can you please help me about this issues ?

Hi Baris, You can remove below URLs only.

<div class='drop-menu'>
<div><div class='menuitem'><a class='itemexpend' href='#'>
<div class='hidden' id='droplabel'></div>

Thank you very much bro.:sl :yeh
categories. Removed smoothly :go
There is only one problem. brother
Are you going to help me in the right column?

Hi Baris This is little bit tough job for you. I am not sure that you can implement the code or not. Take a backup first. otherwise template may break.

now Edit your template and find the below code

#sidebar-middle .navtab li{width:50%;}

now replace it by below code..

#sidebar-middle .navtab li{width:33.33%;}

Now again find below code

<li class='nav-two'><a href='#commenttabs'>Yorumlar</a></li>

and add the below code after above code

<li class='nav-three'><a href='#archivetab'><i class='fa fa-star-o fa-lg'></i></a></li>

Now again find the below code

<div class='hide sidebarmiddle-widget' id='commenttabs'>

and after above code add the below code block

<div class='hide sidebarmiddle-widget' id='archivetab'>
<div class='sidebar tabct section section' id='sidebar-archivetab1'><div class='widget BlogArchive' data-version='1' id='BlogArchive1'>
<div class='widget-content'>


Theme gives an error.
I take a video which you can see the error.
can watch it here
watch 7.20p for a clear view

Brother Baris, You didn't understand the last part. You have to add script after below code. Don't add this with dot dot dot.

<div class='hide sidebarmiddle-widget' id='commenttabs'>

It's better download "Smooth Mag Full Width Template" from below URL and check how third tab code I have added. just copy the code from that template.

Thank you very much bro. I finally managed
but there is a small problem.
Tittles are not regular how can i fix them?

Brother Baris.. just locate code block like below

<li class='nav-one'><a class='current' href='#populartab'>Populer</a></li>
<li class='nav-three'><a href='#archivetab'><i class='fa fa-star-o fa-lg'></i></a></li>
<li class='nav-two'><a href='#commenttabs'>Yorumlar</a></li>

Now change it like below

<li class='nav-one'><a class='current' href='#populartab'>Populer</a></li>
<li class='nav-two'><a href='#commenttabs'>Yorumlar</a></li>
<li class='nav-three'><a href='#archivetab'>Categories</a></li>

after that, go to your Blogger Layout section and change the widget. add comment widget under comment tab and add Label widget under Categories tab.

I hope it will work now. :dn

Thank you very much bro
but I ask you something
Why does not the icon title
There are popular titles and icons
but no icon category and reviews
How do I make visible
Allah Senden Razı Olsun Kardeşim

Brother you have to use Font awesome icon code. You will get it from below URL

and add the code like below before tab title.

<i class='fa fa-star-o fa-lg'></i>

for adding different icon just change "fa-star-o" from above code. :up

hello sir, google structruldata tool show many errors as shown in following link :

Plaese give me improved code for this error, i fien d on many balgs but not correct still, so plz help me, my blog is

hello sir, google structruldata tool show many errors as shown in following link :

Plaese give me improved code for this error, i fien d on many balgs but not correct still, so plz help me, my blog is

Hi UTkar classes,
I have designed this template before. You have to fix it by following my couple of tutorial on SEO article section. in updated version I will fix it.

Thank you. :)

Hi, I was tryiing to explore this template but having one issue in comment box loading.
That Comment box iframe is not loading unless I'm signed-in in.

Hi Raj Beniwal, Have you got the problem in Post page or static page comment box? Comment box iframe script is below.. If script has broken then you can replace the comment iframe script.

<iframe allowtransparency='true' class='blogger-iframe-colorize blogger-comment-from-post' frameborder='0' height='410' id='comment-editor' name='comment-editor' src='' width='100%'/>


This comment has been removed by the author.

sir, in search engine "text to search" i added all code but if we try to search anything then on search result page no google ad come, what can i do?

This template containing Json search feature. Not any ad will display. This is advance search system.

remove <meta content='90' http-equiv='refresh'/> code from your tempalte. Because your AdSense maybe disable for this tag. auto refresh violate adsense's terms and conditions.

Thanks Dear Friend Rabbi

I want to try this on my site. Amazing Theme. Awesome responsive on all gadgets. But a small query, Is it help to remove structed data authors and post id error

Thanks a ton

Hi Sumit Kumar,
Please follow my all tutorial about to solve all template error.

Thank you. :)

Thanks a ton again rabbi

Great work done by you always. Now i will clear all structed data error on my blog.

Thanks Again

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