Host Image in Photobucket and use on Blogger and WordPress

Host Image in Photobucket and use on Blogger and WordPress

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Image hosting is very important for any site. However many site platform like Wordpress, Blogger host their media file like images on their same hosting server. And this is actually make a site slower in loading. Because browser will load the images in parallel to the Html. If a website store their assets in the same domain, the browser will load them in sequence, as a result it will take much time to fully load and display the website.

So my recommendation to host image in any reliable third party image hosting server. There are many popular image hosting site available over the net. Among them Photobucket is most popular and reliable image hosting site where we can easily host our WordPress or Blogger site images. In this tutorial I will show you how we can host images in Photobucket and how hosted image can be used on in Blogger and WordPress site.

Signup and Host Image on Photobucket

First of all you have to register with Photobucket and after that you will able to host image.

Step 1 Go to and signup there by fill up the form necessary information. And Press Get Started button.

signup on photobucket

Step 2 Now Press Upload button from top left corner of the site and it will redirect you to image upload site.

host image

Step 3 Now simply click on Choose photos & videos button and select photo from your hard drive. It will automatically upload image from your hard drive. After upload you will see the image below of upload box.

Step 4 Click on Image or you can enter in Image file from Library menu at the top.


Step 5 It will redirect you in Image page with links. Select only Direct links from the right site of the screen. And use that link in your Site.

direct link

How to use Hosted Image in Blogger?

After hosting Image on Photobucket you can easily use in your Blogger Site. The following steps might be helpful for you for using hosted image in Blog Posts.

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 Click on -> New post and Click on Insert Image Icon for upload hosted image link.

insert image

Step 3 A popup image Toolbar will visible, Select From a URL option and paste the hosted image link on Paste an image URL here field.

image in blogpost

Step 4 Now simply click on Add selected button from the bottom to add image on your Blog post.

How to use Hosted Image in WordPress?

Hosted image we can use on any platform. Now I will show you how we can add hosted image on WordPress post. Just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Go to WordPress admin panel and log in to your account by user name and password.

Step 2 From Dashboard Mouse over Posts and click on Add New

Step 3 Now from above formatting toolbar click on Add Media button. And from popup window select Insert from URL.

add media

Step 4 and now paste the hosted Image URL on Insert from URL field.

wordpress post

Step 5 Finally click on Insert into post button from bottom right corner of the window.

That’s it. You have successfully inserted hosted image URL on your site. Not only on posts, you can also host your image for various purpose. I hope this tutorial will help you to hosting image on third party site. For any further query feel free to write me. 

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