Yahoo is displaying reviews, business information, and star ratings from Yelp

Yahoo integrated with Yelp


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Yahoo is being integrating Yelp in their search result and this news was published on last week. And today Yahoo formerly reported about the Yahoo and Yelp partnership.

Now if you search for US local business on yahoo search engine then you will see some information appearing like user reviews, business information, and star ratings from Yelp.  And these features you can view from Smartphone, tab and personal computers.

Yahoo said that they have added a new feature from yelp for high quality photo viewing experience as well as from other partners and the businesses. You can see in the below image that if you click on any restaurant information then the information is coming with yelp review and star ratings. You would also able to view the previous reviews about the restaurant. Obviously this is a great feature added by Yahoo by the help of yelp.


When you just click on readmore or review then you would able to get the information from Yahoo Search and Maps then you will taken to Yelp profile or review page for particular business themselves.

Not only service Yelp to Yahoo but also if you would like to search in Bing search engine in same way then you would see yelp in Bing search engine.

The new look of Yahoo local search obviously will enhance user experience and searcher impression towards yahoo will be positive. It seems to me that some portion of search traffic will divert to yahoo for getting new experience.

Still Yelp didn't integrated with Yahoo mobile search result hopefully it will integrate soon. Though yahoo was ahead in interactive mapping but after Google taking the crown Yahoo give up. However again Yahoo started their travel towards this mapping race. 

CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer trying hardly to pull up yahoo again and being leader on search engine. Yahoo also investing to improve its local and maps content.  But their ultimate target is to regain their energy in local search. However Google is in leading position right now and it is not possible to beat Google by any other search engine. And yahoo is following Google's concept to compete in all respect.

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