Slice/dice Google Image Searches by Usage Rights under "Search tools"

Slice/dice Google Image Searches by Usage Rights under "Search tools"

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Generally Blogger use images without any permission but still we need to use image to make our content more attractive. We reuse images from different search engine and most often we don't know who is the rightful owner of the image. So to make the search easier you Google has added  Usage Rights under Search Tools.

But this features added on Google since 2009 but for this you have to enter into “advanced image search” features. However Google's spam sheriff Matt Cutts disclosed this news on 14th January 2014 in his twitter profile that Google has added the main filter options on search tools. He said-

Now You can slice/dice Google Image Searches by Usage Rights under "Search tools".

Matt cutts

Usage Rights combination of 5 options which will help you for better image filter.

  • Not filtered by License - This option won't filter any license
  • labeled for reuse - Under this option you will find images which has labeled for reuse.
  • labeled for commercial reuse - This filtered images can be reuse only commercial purpose
  • labeled for reuse with modification - This type of filtered images you can reuse and modify it for any purpose.
  • labeled for commercial reuse with modification - Under this filtered images you can reuse commercial images with modification.
To search image by usages rights just follow the below steps-

Step 1 Go to Google search page and search something on search engine

Step 2 Now click on ->Images

Step 3 Click again  ->Search Tools -> Usages Rights ->

Step 4 From Drop down menu select any option among 5

image filter

However you must be careful about images because most of the images reusing enormous time by various users. Even you won't find the original author of those images. So original author can make DMCA complain anytime under the creative commons rights.

But  I think this is really a great job by Google because users can use images lawfully. 

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