When will be the 2nd Page Rank update by Google in 2013?

When will be the 2nd Page Rank update by Google in 2013?

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Google page Rank 2013

Every Blogger expect Page Rank for their blog for this reason they work hard and take all kinds of strategy to get higher rank. Google update their page rank 4 times every year and first page rank updated at 4th February 2013, at that time many blog get higher rank and many of then lost rank or drop rank. So bloggers are waiting for the next page rank update to overcome from past and many new blogger waiting for page rank. Because higher Page rank means search engine will crawl your site more frequently in a day and you will receive more traffic from search engine. For this reason, this is now most talkative issue over the net that when will the 2nd Page Rank update by Google in 2013.

There are millions of blog created at the beginning of 2013 and more blog will be create in future. Those who didn't get page rank at the first Google page rank update they might be waiting for the 2nd update. Many blogger was confused about page rank update that Google is going to update at the end of May 2013 but Google hold this update.

In the meantime Google Penguin update was rolled out at 22nd May. This is a good policy of Goggle because those blog who create low quality content and spread spam they have penalized already. And now left good quality blog which are really good with unique articles. There is a good news for them obviously they will get good page rank from Google.

In first update many new blog got Page Rank o to 2 and many of them lose their rank 2 to 1. So it’s quite confusing that what which blog will get penalize and which will get reward. Beside of this many popular blog who already got Page rank 2 or 3 suddenly deleted by Google without any notification. So everybody should aware about their blog and be safe from spam.

In 2012 Google has updated their page rank at 30th June. According to this we can assume that this year Google may update page rank between 27th June to 7th July 2013.  Nobody knows the accurate information except Google team but based on 1st update in 2012 our assume about page rank update in 2013 was correct. So hopefully this time won’t be different.

Those site who got penalty by Google Penguin 2.0 , it is hard to say what will happen in case of next page rank update but they should at least try with their best. You have lots of work to do-

  • Remove all low quality and copied content from your blog.
  • Disavow all low quality and spammy backlink from Google Webmaster tools.
  • Send request to Google to remove indexed low quality content from search engine.
  • Try to post regularly and make several post daily.
  • Gain backlink from higher quality and rank sites.
  • Google will give backlinks from Social media so try to use all social media to get backlinks.
  • Ping twice in a week after publishing new content
  • Try to write longer article 500 to 1000 words which is always love Google Search engine.

Hope those blog who have missed Page rank for the first time they must obtain this time. Try to work hard and see the result. Wish your blog get higher page rank from Google.

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Nice to know about next PR UPDATE :)

I am waiting for PR update from starting of May. Don't know what will be happen with my page rank but I am trying to deliver my best efforts in my blog to get high page rank. Let see when we get smile on our face :)

Hope all of you get Higher page rank by this time..

nice... must do lot of backlink... PUTERAKD

yes Alex backlink also an important part that affect your page rank. More backlink means more chance to get higher rank.

i am very excited about the Google page rank updation , i am working on my BizTeam business site since last few months , my current pr is zero , hope i will get at least 2 or 3 PR……lets wait and see -

I hope many website get good page rank! Happy blogging.. :)

Bro you got already PR2 hope get PR3/4 by this time.

Good info that web site in PR update Article.

Great Information on PR update. Want to know when will be the next PR update. Anxiously waiting....for my new site

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