Learn to Stop tracking your Own Page Views in Blogger

Learn to Stop tracking your Own Page Views in Blogger


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If you're using Google BlogSpot means you are using best blogging Platform.  Because, Blogger is the best platform for blogging that too for free. In blogger you can track your blog views. Sometimes we are visiting our blog than all the other. And these visits are noted in Blogger. You can see stat monitoring service from Blogger Dashboard. So if you stop counting them then we can get the real visitors for your blog.  Suppose your total page view is 2000 per day but while you go for update or answering comments then your blog also track your page view also. For this reason you are unable to find out the real page view. So  I'm here to share with you how to stop your Own Page Views in blogger thus you can know the real daily page view by your visitors.

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard


Step 2 There select Stats found on the sidebar of your dashboard


Step 3 Now click Overview > Click On Don't Track Your Page Views.


Step 4 Now Select Don't Track My Page views, it will give your browser name and it version


Step 5 That's it! Now check it out your blog

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Posted by Dixit Dhinakaran
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