AdSense Publisher Scorecard improve Site health and ads Revenue

AdSense Publisher Scorecard improve Site health and ads Revenue


AdSense scorecard

Blogger always interested about AdSense to generate revenue. There is no doubt that AdSense is leading affiliate over the net. So blogger like to use AdSense as a primary way to generate money. In addition we take many possible steps that how to increase our AdSense revenue but everybody is not success in this circumstance.

On the other hand Google AdSense also trying to improve user experience by introducing various features time to time. As a result last 18th June, 2013 Susan Wojcicki announce a new feature which is known as publisher Scorecard which is available into your AdSense account.

The main features of Publisher Scorecard

  • Optimize Ad setting
  • Content Performance compared to other AdSense publisher
  • Check Website loading time after adding AdSense ads

Beside of this it has added 3 important element which will help to increase your overall AdSense 
revenue. The elements are as follows-
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Site Health
  • Google+ button Integration

revenue optimization

You can see the 3 category in the above screenshot and each category is also scored by 5 blue dots which indicate your overall performance rank or level for AdSense. Now I am going to explain the details score board that how it give rank. 

1. Revenue Optimization

This is the first scorecard for boosting our AdSense revenue. The possible way to boost earnings are-

Under Revenue Optimization you would find 3 option such as
  • A. AdSense recommended Ad format
  • B. Above the Fold Testing tool
  • C. Enable Text & image/rich media ads unit


A. AdSense recommended Ad format

You will find in AdSense site they have given some recommended ad format which can generate more revenue. Ad formats are 336x280, 300x250, 970x90 or 160x600, so try to use those Ad formats.

ads format

Ad placement is also a big factor to increase revenue. So you have to keep your AdSense ads which is visible by your visitors in landing page. More simply we can say where the AdSense ads are more visible to our audience. You can see I got 4 dot out of 5 so, from my point of view the ads unit that work best

  • 970x90 Ad format below header
  • 336x280 Ad format below Post title
  • 300x250 Ad format top right Sidebar

You can also use 3 link ad unit. So if you choose 200X90 ad format then place them at the middle of the content.

B. Enable Text & image/rich media ads unit

Some blogger like on rich media and some are text base ads. But if you want to increase your revenue then enable Text & image/rich media ads.

text and image

C. Reduce Crawler Errors

Crawler errors plays an important role to generate revenue. If you can’t redue Crawler error then your revenue will be lower. So validate your robots.txt file and remove all unnecessary widget and Javacript files. By default the robots.txt file would contain below code-

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

2. Site Health

Site Health indicates the page speed and performance. This is absolutely true that slower site is bad for getting good traffic. If your site is good but due to slower loading visitors may skip your site. But there is a big problem that if you want to design your blog then your blog will be slower and without unique design visitors will find your site less attractive. In case of my site I have analyzed through Page speed performance tools but is shows the result that my blog’s landing page score is 99 out of 100 but the post page is slower. For this reason we got only one dot which is required huge improvement in page loading speed. However I am trying to improve but I don’t compromise with design.

site health

You can analyze page by clicking on Analyzed page. It can be found under PageSpeed-> Analysis-> Insights

speed analyse

Now enter your blog address and hit the Analyze button. It will give you details report within a 3 or 5 seconds with suggestion that how you can increase performance. See the below screenshot for my blog that shows after analyzing page speed.


Suggestion summary will show what to do next if your site is slower. In case of my site it displayed some suggestion which can make a blog faster even if we use big chunk of code. Please see the screenshot below and check the posts that should improve in case of our blog.


3. Integrate Google+ Button on your sites

Google Plus button is most important for blog site which plays a major role in page rank. You can use Google Plus to share your content, Hangout or getting +1 for current content. Though we are using BlogSpot so this is more important than Facebook fan box. BloggerSpice got 5 blue dot out of 5 that means this is now in Excellent position.

+1 button

Hope this article will help to understand the AdSense Publisher Scorecard  And by proper utilization of this board you can improve your site performance as well as able to generate maximum revenue. 

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Hey Great Article on AdSense Publisher Scorecard improve Site health and ads Revenue
John Knol
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Hey great Article about AdSense Publisher Scorecard improve Site health and ads Revenue
Site Health indicates the page speed and performance. This is absolutely true that slower site is bad for getting good traffic. If your site is good but due to slower loading visitors may skip your site.
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