Publish your RSS Feed in Twitter by feedburner

How to Publish Blog Posts through RSS Feed in Twitter by Feedburner automatically?

How to Publish Blog Posts through RSS Feed in Twitter by Feedburner automatically?

Many new blogger wants to make their post on twitter automatically. There are many options available but making auto post by the help of feedburner is really easy and fastest. If you try with any alternative application then basically it will take 4/5 minutes after making a post into your blog. But in case of feedburner it works rapidly. Generally those blogger make bulk post in their blog they don’t get enough time to share the posts in social networking service like facebook, twitter. Because it plays a vital role to share the post in different social media for diverting more visitor into your blog.  To Publish feed from RSS  to Twitter follow the below steps-

Step 1 Log in to your feedburner account and Enter into your feed.

Step 2 Now click on -> Publicize -> Socialize 

Step 3 Now Click on-> Add a Twitter account Button. Now a pop up window will come for authorization of your twitter account.

How to Publish Blog Posts through RSS Feed in Twitter by Feedburner automatically?

Step 4 Put your user name and Password there and click on -> Authorize app

Step 5 Now fill up the formatting options from feedburner according to your desire. You can see the Sample Item preview at the bottom of the page.

Step 6 Now click on -> Save to activate.

Now go to your twitter page and see that it has automatically made posts from your blog. And if you make post later then it will updates instantly. You have done. Happy blogging!

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vai, amar domain er subdomain e akta new blog khule chalale ki subudha hone ba osubidha hobe ? eta nie akta post likhle khub upokrrito hotam.

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