Install IntenseDebate Comment System in you Blog or Wordpress

Install IntenseDebate Comment System in you Blog or Wordpress


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IntenseDebate is very popular comment system with many features for WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and many other blogging/CMS platforms. It makes your comment box unique. And you can use this service free. you can do many things than your default comment system. The main features of IntenseDebate comments are as follows.

IntenseDebate features:
  • Comment Threading.
  • Reply-By-Email.
  • Email Notifications.
  • Commenter Profiles.
  • Moderation/Blacklisting.
  • Reputation Points & Comment Voting.
  • Plugins API.
  • OpenID.
  • Widgets.
  • Twitter Connect.
  • Facebook Connect.
  • RSS Readers & Tracking.
Before start this process, you must make a backup your blogger template first. Save the backup template file on your hard drive.

Step 1

Now got to-  Now fill up the Sign Up form And select I want to Install IntenseDebate on my blog or website

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Now Click on Sign Up button.

An Email will be sent to your mail address for account verification.

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So check the mail and click on Verification link. It will redirect you to intensedebate site with Message like below-


Step 2

Now log in to your site and click on Install IntenseDebate under Manage blogs/sites from middle right side bar.

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Step 3

  Now write your blog url and click on Next Step

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  •  And now choose your platform to continue. I have chosen Blogger.
      -Now go for 3rd step to Install the IntenseDebate comments

Step 4

Now Click on Browse and select your Back Up templates XML file. And then click on Upload file and Continue.

Step 5

    And Paste the code on your templates by following steps

    Click on ->Edit HTML->Proceed

    And Replace the entire code by IntenseDebate code

Step 6


For customization go to Configure this IntenseDebate account and Configure it according to your desire.

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